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Question about WiFi

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by phenom01, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. phenom01

    phenom01 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If a cell phone supports WiFi can i use it without having an internet/Data plan?

  2. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

  3. phenom01

    phenom01 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So if i buy the Samsung Vibrant and choose a simple talk plan can i use the internet for free?
  4. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    Yep. Just be sure that you do no contract, so you aren't forced into the data plan.
  5. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert

    +1 If you buy the phone subsidized with a plan (meaning you get a discount on it), then you will be forced into a data plan.

    If you buy it at FULL price and get a voice only data plan, they won't force you into a data plan and you can use data via WiFi Only.
  6. BurgDog

    BurgDog Member

    [​IMG]They will force a data plan on new 2 yr contract customers. They don't force a data plan on 2 yr contract phone upgrades. They say if you want data access you need to add it but it is not forced. Phone should work fine using WiFi and no data plan.

  7. dlwiii

    dlwiii Lurker

    This is exactly the route I am looking at. I want to get an android phone, but not use any data plan, just wifi for data, and for carrier service, only voice and text.

    But in my case I will be new to T-Mobile, and will likely just find a good deal on a used device. It's fine by me to be a generation behind.

    BurgDog - please let us know how your plan works out.
  8. stewartrr

    stewartrr Lurker

    We just switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. Got 2 MT3G's for free with NO DATA from the store (2 year contract), since we were offered the same on the T-Mobile website. Salesman had to use a data plan enabled sim to activate the phone then swap out the data plan sim for a not-data plan sim. It works just fine!!!
  9. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    stewartrr, you fell through the cracks. Period.

    One, if you order online, you have to have a data package...period.


    Second, and this is due to the rep either being: green, an idiot or just desperate for the sale; stores cannot do any sort of matching from the t-mobile website. If someone wants to take advantage of an offer on t-mobiles website, they have to order it through the website.

    While good on you for getting around it, you were the exception not the rule.

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