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Question and help about Samsung Galaxy S4 please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RRB431972, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. RRB431972

    RRB431972 Lurker
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    Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm trying to learn about these android phones. I go thru Straight Talk for the past 5 years. My last phone was a LG-L38C CDMA running off Verizon. For the past 6 months I couldn't install as many apps as before and also lately the new updates that needed to go thru were to large and would freeze up the phone. I went and bought a Samsung Galaxy 4S thru Straight Talk at walmart and after using it for two weeks I got a text saying I went over my 5GB of data and the speed went down and now it runs like a turtle. I want to take it back before the 30 days and buy something lease expensive that dont have all the extra stuff on it. I just need one that has a good amount of internal usable memory and is a CDMA so I get the good service from the Verizon towers around here. Im in the 46360 area code and I have a list of the ST phones they carry at WalMart here.


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    Post #7 by nu2andy, Oct 31, 2015 (1 points)

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  3. nu2andy

    nu2andy Android Enthusiast

    I would suggest you have a talk with Straight Talk as you obviously don't need a "Smart" phone. You need to discuss what you want from the phone with your supplier. Your previous phone from your description must have been full in the cache and needed a good clean out and removal of Apps that you weren't using/needed. The modern touchscreen smart phone is a mini computer and if you have no need for all the facilities, rooting the phone would enable the phone to be set without the unwanted 'goodies'. Your choice - and be aware of warranty being made void if you root the phone. Neil.
    Found this on Droidguy:
    Straight Talk Galaxy S4 Has Very Slow Connection
    Problem: Hello guys, I have a problem with my data. I have a Galaxy S4 and my service provider is Straight Talk, in the first two weeks of the month my data is really fast but in the third to fourth week my connection is really bad. Even a single site my connection takes so long to load. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my phone or on my connection. Right now, I’m having much trouble, I don’t really know what’s the problem. Any response can help a lot, thank you and more power guys! — Jim

    Troubleshooting: Straight Talk sure offers unlimited data plan but only a few of its subscribers know there is a cap. If I’m not mistaken, the cap is 5GB for every billing cycle. It means that when you consumed 5GB or more data, your connection speed will be throttled down, thus, you will experience slow browsing. There’s no way to fix this except buy a new unlimited card from Walmart. To prevent this issue from happening in the future, minimize streaming of videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
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  4. PitCarver

    PitCarver Android Expert

    My daughter used ST and complained about this same issue. Told her to use the wifi whenever possible. Save the data for when she needed it. solved her problem.
  5. RRB431972

    RRB431972 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks nu2andy and pitcarver,

    To talk about " Your previous phone from your description must have been full in the cache and needed a good clean out and removal of Apps that you weren't using/needed." I used those apps. The phone only had 1GB of internal memory and that is why the phone didn't hold to many apps..
    I just talked to ST and they said you use more data with a 4G connection then you do with a 3G connection. So since this Galaxy phone is a 4G LTE, I think Im going to look for a 3 g phone that Wal-Mart sells from ST and one that uses Verizon towers. If anyone would know of a easier way to get info on each phone that I have wrote down here that Wal-Mart sells of
    ST, It would help. I want to find one with more then 1 GB of internal memory, A CDMA so it don't take a sim card, and one that goes off the version towers.
  6. nu2andy

    nu2andy Android Enthusiast

    Hi RRG431972, Please confirm this is the Samsung Galaxy S4 supplied by Walmart:
    The Straight Talk Samsung smartphone combines all the latest technology in its compact size to give you immense control in the way you use your phone. Shoot like a pro using its 13-megapixel auto-focus rear camera. Take front and back pictures simultaneously with the dual camera. Edit all the photos right on your phone with ease. With this Straight Talk smartphone you can redefine the way you interact with your device. Accept calls and read content without ever touching the screen. Preview content with the Air View technology that gives you access to what you see by barely touching the screen. Enabled with the Smart Pause feature, this prepaid Android smartphone also lets you pause any video by simply looking away from your phone and then resume playing by looking back at it. Enjoy watching all the content on the 5" Full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen display. This Straight Talk Samsung smartphone has 16GB of memory and 2GB of RAM. It is powered by a 1.9GHz quad-core processor.

    Straight Talk Samsung Prepaid Galaxy S 4 Android Smartphone:

    • Network: 4G LTE data connectivity
    Who was the guy telling "porkies" about the internal memory? You can install a Micro SD card up to 64 GB's capacity to give increased Storage. Your problem was obviously the "Plan" you are/were on where there is a Data 'cap'. Neil.
  7. RRB431972

    RRB431972 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I went thru my email and what ever other apps to turn off sync over Wi-Fi only to try to get the data down. I'm a little confused about this topic here> I have Comcast for internet and they use your modem for a hotspot. So everyone that has Comcast service anyone with a Comcast account can use there user name and password and use there Wi-Fi which doesn't mess with the customer's connection speed and is safe they say. My question is that do I keep my data turned on and the Wi-Fi when I'm out driving? Last night when we were walking going trick or treating I had data and Wi-Fi turned on and it kept scanning for Wi-Fi which I would think it would kill my battery more quickly. Also as I sit in my house with both turned on it also scans for a better Wi-Fi signal even though I am signed into my Wi-Fi connection thru my Comcast internet provider. What is the way to go about using these settings so I don't go over the data.

    Everything went fine using my old LG-L38C from ST for the past almost 4 years where I never went over the data where the speed was noticeable. I just always kept the data turned on and only used Wi-Fi if I was browsing YouTube. Now since I got this Galaxy I don't know if its the extra stuff they have on it that is making me go over. I wrote another thread about the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime to see how they run from people that use that phone. It also says on a YouTube reviews that it runs off Verizon network which so did my old phone. And the Galaxy runs off ATT network. I used to have a Att go phone and always had problems with the connection and drop calls..I'm just really debating about getting the Galaxy Core Prime.

    I'm sorry for asking so much but I have a couple days that Wal-Mart will let me bring the galaxy 4 back to buy another one.
  8. nu2andy

    nu2andy Android Enthusiast

    Have you turned off Auto Updates in Google PlayStore? I don't leave my phone on WiFi unless I specifically need to. As I understand it - whatever you do on your phone produces Temp files which is why you need to clean out your Temp cache. Retaining text messages you receivc takes up space. If you need to download Apps, Video clips when you're at home - use your WiFi as your Telco Broadband is what is costing you and you don't use any Data on your Straight Talk plan.
    If you drive/walk around with WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS/Location set and Data - it will cost and flatten your battery as well. If you have the phone set to Store your Photos/Videos in the 'cloud' there is a cost involved.
    You need to plan what you want to do with funds you want to spend on your phone use. We have Telco Plans that 'rollover' any unused Data (associated with monthly plans). These Data 'rollovers' expire every year - so you may pay $20 per month for unlimited texts and 512MB's Data. The use of your email and receipt of mail on your phone will take space and use Data cap - but if you are at home with WiFi on - your Broadband cost (whoever pays for that) will not affect your Telco Data Plan.
    I stand to be corrected if I've got this wrong as my primary phone use is text and talk and I use a simple Pre-Pay plan with no Data allowance. Neil.
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  9. bnichols23

    bnichols23 Newbie

    5 gigs in 2 weeks?! Good God, what do you have running?! I have a straighttalk galaxy core prime that i use heavily & have set with wifi & 4g running most of the time for music, vid, & such, & I've never gone over 3 gigs in an entire month! Do you possibly have background apps running without your knowledge, or tethering? Other than gaming that's all I can think of that would suck that kind of data in 14 days....
  10. nu2andy

    nu2andy Android Enthusiast

    Have you looked in Settings > More > Battery to see what's using your power? Also Settings > My Device > Power Saving Mode and see what you can do to save power.
    Found this Article which was posted to me last year:


    Anyone noticed your data being used up quickly lately?

    Well it’s because Facebook has changed your settings and as videos now auto-play in your feed…that’s huge data and costs you $’s.

    On iPhone, go into your Phone Settings, go to FB icon, click on that, then on settings and Select

    “Auto-play on WiFi only”.

    On Desktop, go to the little triangle top right of your Facebook page, go to Settings, down the bottom is Videos, click on Videos and move the slider to Off.

    On Android, go into App Settings and do the same.

    On Samsung while in Facebook, press the left button next to home key on the phone then press Settings and it comes up with the Auto-play option.

    This may be worth looking into as you may be a victim!!!
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