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Question before moving from BB

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jrkeyboard, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. jrkeyboard

    jrkeyboard Lurker
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    I did some searching, and didn't find any threads that looked like what I'm wanting... I apologize if I missed something

    I currently have a Blackberry, and have had nothing but Blackberries for years. I'm thinking about getting a Droid, but there's on big thing that I need to know, and can't seem to find info on

    I currently have 4 POP3 email accounts set up on my BB. They are all located on an email server that I own.
    - I have the ability, through Blackberry, to set up email filters (Such as, don't forward messages to my phone that have "Viagra" in the subject).
    - When I delete a message on my phone, it does NOT delete from the server.
    - When I get a message to email@domain.com, and I reply, it sends as email@domain.com. When I get a message to email@domain2.com and I reply, it sends as email@domain2.com... I don't want them to all send from email@gmail.com, or all have to send from the same domain, regardless of what it is
    - I don't need access to all emails I've received in the past, just new emails that come in after I set the account up

    Is there any way to get this same setup on a Droid phone, without having to set the phone to POP every X number of minutes? I don't know this for sure... but I'd imagine having the phone POP 4 different accounts all day long will kill the battery, which I can't have.

    Also... if there is a way to get this set up... will I have 4 different inboxes on the phone, or 1 combined inbox? And is this setting configurable?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2010
    Darlington, UK
    With regards to the filters I am not aware of any email programs on Android that do it. When you use email on Android the default setting for pop 3 does not delete the mail from the server if you delete it from the phone, but you can change this in the settings. All your different email address have their own inbox. When you receive a mail and reply it will use the address that received the original message, you can dedicate an address to use for your replies if you so wish in the settings. The history that shows in the inbox can be set to either number of days or number of messages, which ever tickles your fancy. Unless your server supports some sort of push protocol you will have no alternative but to pop all of your accounts, there is no getting away from this. You can set the time intervals that the pop 3 searches for email to any time you like for each individual account or even set it to manual check only. I originally had 3 pop 3 accounts checking mail every 15 minutes and i did not feel it affected the battery but now I use push email. There is also an email app on the Android market called K9 that may give you one inbox for all email accounts and it also gives you conversation view as well, Google it!
    I hope I was of help.

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