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Question! For those who use HDMI out regularly

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shmackshmack, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. shmackshmack

    Thread Starter

    Alright, I'm wondering if this would work as i hope.

    I will consider using a froyo rom full-time if its worth it based on what I see here.

    I need to use my Motorola Triumph as my main "PC" for awhile. using the phone on its own, isnt a problem. It DOES everything I need, its just the fact that holding it in my hands for so long gets tiresome.

    I have a nice 1080p 22 inch LED PC monitor, with HDMI input.

    I want to connect my triumph (with froyo rom) to the monitor and use a bluetooth keyboard for when I'm doing more serious browsing or typing.

    the question I have is this.

    when you output through HDMI, does it output every screen? like the home screens and every app? does it mirror whats actually on the triumphs screen? like the Duplicate Monitor function on a windows PC?

    Secondly, does it output in WVGA (480x800) and then upscale, or does it actually resize the android interface to 1280x720?

    I know the triumph can output video at 720p, but there is a big difference in usability if it outputs the desktop at WVGA upconverted to 720, as opposed to actually resizing interface elements (status bar, buttons, fonts) to 720 and making use of the real estate?

    the only other phone I had with output capability was a Galaxy S Vibrant, and it could only use Composite output thru the headphone jack, and even though it mirrored everything that was on the phones screen, it was in 480x800 and unusable for anything that wasnt video.

    Just want to know from someone who uses the triumphs HDMI on a regular basis to confirm if it outputs the desktops in 480 or true 720 or maybe higher.

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  2. xbrokdikdogx

    xbrokdikdogx Android Enthusiast

    I only used the HDMI out a couple times but it was pretty nice when I did. The image on the TV is mirrored from what is on the phone, so if you hold the phone in portrait you will only have a portrait image on the TV in the center. When I hooked it up my TV reported an HD signal, can't recall if it was 1080 or 720 though. If you are watching a youtube or web video the image on the screen is only as good as the video encoding. If you watch netflix the image is nice and clean. If you have a video on the phone itself and play it then it is whatever resolution you encoded it at. It can look very nice.
  3. shmackshmack

    Thread Starter

    I know how it works, not interested video quality though

    i like that it reported an HD signal as input, but what im really interested in above all else, is if the phone outputs the DESKTOP and APPS (like the browser and gmail, which id be using a lot) in 480 upscaled to hd, or TRUE 720. it makes a huge difference in text readability, and id rather know from someone whos done it than go by the adapter i need to try at, as the only place that has it is a long drive away.
  4. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert

    I believe it's 720p at least, otherwise it'd be kinda pointless, and from what I've read from another user in the past. Why not just restore to a Froyo backup and give it a try.
  5. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Android Enthusiast

    Yes it outputs exactly what is on your phones screen. If you turn your phone to landscape(side ways) it fills the entire screen. I used it in landscape mode to check email, and web browse and text was as big as a PC would be.
  6. Ayered

    Ayered Member

    Yes, it mirrors every screen and your phone screen stays on. It's 720P and to me it looks like it's just upscaling the 800x480 phone screen image rather than re-drawing the pixels on the HDMI output screen at an actual 1280x720. So, if you open a browser, the web pages still render at the lower phone res, not 720P.

    It works fine though, I mainly use it for videos and showing off games. For most games you still have to look at the phone screen for control, since there's no tactile feedback of real buttons (like on a PSP for example).

    Photos of the HDMI output on a Samsung 27" (1080P). (Click for larger images.)

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  7. shmackshmack

    Thread Starter

    THANK YOU!!!

    this post is every bit as detailed and informational as I had hoped.

    exactly what I was asking.

    the webpages look ok on the screenshots, thats what I was wondering about.

    Now I feel comfortable making the hour trip out to get a Micro HDMI adapter.

    Also, can the sound be outputted through the headphone jack while its outputting HDMI, or is the phone forcing all the audio through the hdmi? becuase I plan to use a headphone out to my sound system since my monitor doesnt have any speakers.
  8. shmackshmack

    Thread Starter

    in store retailers price is many, many times more than what I could pay if I bought it online...

    I think I'll order it on amazon, its only 2.98$. and just wait for it to get here. I do like the instant gratification of taking it home from the store though.
  9. Ayered

    Ayered Member

    Well, I just tested it. Sound only comes out through HDMI when connected to an external display. The headphones and built-in speakers were silent when outputting HDMI. All the screens I've tested did have speakers and the HDMI sound came through and played fine.

    One thing about playing videos: on dark scenes, the HDMI output makes dark scenes darker with less detail than on the phone screen. The brightness control doesn't affect the HDMI output and even adjusting the TV settings didn't bring out any more shadow detail. The HDMI output chip seems to have one video level with less range in dark/black areas than the phone display.

    Oh and also, HDMI-out does work when the USB charger is plugged into an outlet, in case you were wondering. So you can plug it in and use it as a portable set-top box without worrying about the battery.
  10. shmackshmack

    Thread Starter

    thank you for your oh so helpful info!

    the micro HDMI adapter im buying looks way too large to allow the charger in at the same time, so I also ordered a different one with a smaller tip.

    sucks about the sound output but I cant imagine a time Id miss that except for on this PC monitor, every other screen at my house or others I frequent is a HDTV with hdmi audio. so wont be an issue.

    im trying to get the stock rom looking like my CM7 setup. full on Motorola Atrix 4G skin. dock and all

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