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Question How to benchmark test check used old android

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    Question How to benchmark test check used old android

    I want purchase second hand mobile online from unkonwn person. Before purchasing I want to ensure test benchmark of mobile is ok workings and many other quesries through USSD code or any utility app benchmark report

    How and by which app can I check with a single tool or USSD code the following parameters of android mobilw

    1. Date of mobile first switch on
    2. No of days used
    3. No of time it's factory reset
    4. No of time the mobile is deassambled unscrewd opened or repairs
    5. Current life of mobile
    6. Current battery life of mobile
    7. Mobile is not used for bitcoin
    8 mobile don't have any damaged hardware or problem
    9 mobiles not used for crypto currency
    10 if we factory resent then any spywares or mobile wares be removed
    11. Test any malfunctions or tempered mobile or water damaged mobile or mobile errors
    12 test life span of internal memory ram display touch screens

    Kindly suggest
    Any important information ion to check for second hand mobile and how to test and reconfirm it

    Thank you and greatful for.replying and your precious time knowledge

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    There's no way you can test all of that with one app (even less a USSD code). Quite a lot of them can't be checked by any app.

    * Several of those things cannot be tested electronically, and others which in principle could be (such as number of days used) will surely not be logged anywhere on the device.

    * The phone will have been reset by the previous owner (unless they are an idiot), so there should be no information on it about what it has been used for previously on the device. So forget about checking whether it's ever been used for crypto or stuff like that.

    * Water damage can only be tested by opening the phone and inspecting the colour of the moisture indicators, which even then is only an indicator of moisture ingress rather than damage. To assess actual damage you'll need to disassemble the phone and closely inspect every component.

    * I don't know what you mean by "current life of mobile" as opposed to "current battery life of mobile". And nothing you install can tell you the current battery life: you can find out the current battery capacity, but that doesn't tell you the battery life (which in any event depends on usage pattern, whether you typically use it in good or bad coverage, so will be different for you from the previous owner).

    Things you do want to check:

    * That you can boot the phone up without it asking for the previous owner's login details. If the previous owner doesn't understand about factory reset protection and simply reset it without removing their account first then you won't be able to use it without their login details, and you don't want to find that out after they've left with your money.

    * If you want to check its system software hasn't been modified, your best bet is to boot into the bootloader and check whether it is locked, unlocked or relocked. If the phone is a Samsung you can also check the Knox status. How you do these things varies between manufacturers (also with some phones it's possible to reset the bootloader to "locked" rather than "relocked" if you know how, so that isn't foolproof on all phones).

    * If you want to be absolutely sure there is no spyware etc installed in the system you want to reflash the phone yourself with a new set of stock software. That will overwrite the existing system and hence any nasties that might have been added. A factory reset will eliminate software in the user space, but doesn't touch the system software. It should be very hard to install spyware to the system without root, but this is the way to be certain. Note that how you do this, and whether you can get the necessary software for that particular model, depends on the manufacturer, so do your research first. Often phones won't let you install software older than what's already installed, so check that you can access up-to-date software for the particular model as well.

    * You need to make sure that the phone is legitimate (this is much more important than any of the things you list). In particular that includes checking that if they bought the phone on a contract with a service provider they have completed the contract period or paid off the contract. If, for example, they take out a contract with a free or heavily subsidised phone, sell the phone to you a couple of months later and then stop paying the contract the service provider will blacklist the handset so that it cannot be used on any network. Phoning them up to say that you bought the phone from someone else and this isn't your fault will not help, they will not remove the blacklisting for you because as far as they are concerned this is a stolen phone (stolen from them, as the seller hasn't paid them for it yet), and if they were to remove the blacklist then they have no way of stopping everyone doing this. So you don't want to allow this to happen because it will be up to you to get your money back from the seller if it does, and you'll get no help with this. So if you have any reason to think this might be the case meet the person at one of their service provider's stores so that they can confirm that the handset is not under contract. If they refuse to do this, don't buy the phone.

    * Put your SIM in it and check that it works before paying.

    If you are really that worried you might be better off buying a certified refurb from a manufacturer or major retailer. That will probably cost you more, but it will eliminate most of these concerns.
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  3. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    I've sold some of my old phones on EBay (Factory reset first, naturally), without any problems. I've also bought a few, mainly refurbished and also factory reset. I'd go for a refurbished phone from a reputable reseller.
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    nothing on your list, you will be able to find out, unfortunately. and this is why i will never buy used phones online.

    what @Hadron was explaining is about checking the IMEI of the phone.

    make sure the IMEI has not been blacklisted or reported stolen.
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  5. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @Hadron bro first of all to much greatful obliged thankful to you for first all sharing you precious time knowledge on reading and replying honestly from hear and soul brother you are great soul thanks a lot god bless. I will try to reply point to point and further give you some questions to help myself and help other viewers in future life to solve problems from our discussion questions and answers hope you don't mind to answer them to. Thanks a lot again brother Hadron.

    @ Hadron bro yes you are right in it may not be possible by one app or one code is it possible with multiple USSD codes or.multiple bechmarking testing apps in have found one for my phone secret USSD code for displaying information it worked partly giving information which I am attaching below there are some code to display service menu of the phone and other information which Company service center or forensic cops easily find which is they roughly get an idea from any one parameter through which they roughly guess the period the first imei number get registered to the first sim inserted on the mobile which make them roughly guess the date the phone was switched on or firstly registered the sim or used.

    Secondly I just think the information that a USSD code can retrieve is an is which is saved somewhere in either phone ROM or service provider sever was technically researching that is there service center type app made by third party which can retrieve or snapshot the USSD codes results screenshots or data and electronically save them. If somehow possible in big world.

    @Hadron bro yes you are right who is using crypto must be clever and had factory reset the info before selling or sending to us and will never tell us info and try best to hide it . That's why want to verify at the seller end it may in different country or state or city what I want is on the seller end want any parameter value ( may be cpu benchmark or any crypto leftovers) through which without knowing the seller in can get an rough idea from USSD code or any bechmark app like cpuz that device had been optimised used and is depreciating now and been malused or.malfuncting any error logs saved in ROM or any place which can we get an rough idea so that we can reject or confirm the deal

    @Hadron bro you are right that the water damage is detected after unscrewing de-assamble mobile phones as it quite obvious that the the phone is working and switching on and if ask some video current screenshot from seller or how you suggest the way we confirm our of country customer selling phone is not dead is in working condition. If we confirmed that it's in working condition that it may be repared from water or any damage may be display changed or any part soldered changed badly within local market. As in many electronic gadgets the service center enginer used to guess t that the device is open through missing screws or some marks on screws or sealed broken but in mirdern smart phone world they digitally confirm through some in built body opening sensor record or any values saved In ROM and think it can be readed through any USSD code or some service centers engineers manufacture softwares in samsung or any other phones

    @Hadron bro you are right no one can judge how much life remaining any part can survive or live. But by current mobile life i mean to say by any parmeter like in desktop computers we guess find the heavy duty work done through its hard disk usage or cpu usage report through bechmarking tools. So in case of mobile can we judge the display or CPU or RAM or internal memory or battery can we guess it's hourly load used or how much heavy usage is done so that we can get any value.either by multiple USSD code or by multiple cpuz in ir bechmarking analysis apps.

    @Hadron bro yes you are right once I stucked with my own mobile as it I opened friends email id and just reaeer the mobile for Google email locked system but I have tried once with my mobile phone with bypass or reset FRP technique which erased or bypassed the Google account but it wa along technique and time consuming but it's tough to give other country seller our gmail id and password to register before parceling to us yes we can make a temporary fake gmail id with password yes nice point told to remeber thanks a lot again.

    @Hadron bro yes you have told right many mobile phone phones with techies ia being rooted and locked the bootloader and played with system settings to boost many options or may be in used for hacking to... As rooted or unlocked phones are unrooted easily or unlocked can be locked. Still lastly we can flash the mobile with original stock rom which can easly erase all modification does flashing with original stock rom lock bootloader again or not don't know

    @Hadron bro yes rooted or modifiedd stock roms can be reflashed with original stock roms from manufacturer service center paid service to and by self i had tried to create own stock rom system.img backup stock rom through adb pull and retrieved flashed through adb shell dd of commands and fastboot flash but online stock rom version availability is doubtful wether those stock rom versions are latest or not been modified is an not 100% sure. But can does flashing with original stock.rom can diminish chances of erasing all hidden data within ROM is there any chances of stains or leftovers of rooted or modified or spyware after flashing?

    @Hadron bro greatest advice I had never thought of the stolen part good advice to cross check the imei number wether it stolen or blocked or not where we can cross check kindly suggest the best legal site in India. But the theft are smart to they change imei number of the mobile how can verify its working if the seller.is in different state in or country or city we can't put sim inside the phone as seller.are far from reach and in this wicked world its tough to trust on words the cautious for verification is better

    @Hadron bro atlast again Lotz Lotz of thanks a.lot again know my reply is too long but still tried to honestly reply to your answer hope you will correct my mistakes and understand me better and guide me always thanks a lot brother.
  6. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @Davdi bro thanks for reply in India yes eBay and alibaba is famous to once I tried to purchase some desktop electronic gagets but coudnt find and secure in payments in different country and founded many fake items products but at unbelevable attractive prices but don't know how to find a reputable reseller as all say themself reputable but don't know to find trustworthy person who can give proper warranted products.. as in think a person is reputed trustworthy till it don't breaks the trust.either by own will or in innocence.. still do suggest me how can I find the trustworthy seller in ebay the tricks of eBay
  7. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro thanks a lot for your precious advice opinion imei number I know and I know how to get it in mobile buts kindly tell me which place website link where in can verify before purchase that the imei number is not blac klisted blocked or stolen.

    Secondly many time profesional wicked clever stealers modifies or changes alters the imei number of mobile how can we verify those fruad or faulty imei numbers will those altered numbers work or not if not then how can we verify if the seller ianin different country satate or city
  8. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    The article I linked has a website link for a free imei lookup.
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