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Question on RecyclerView and passing images

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Deleted User, Jun 14, 2021.

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    I've spent the last nearly a month searching for a proper tutorial that's up-to-date. I am searching for a tutorial that gives the following. This might evolve into something like what private colleges / university students are taught :
    1 detailed explanation of every component if an internet link doesn't provide one.
    2 a few components (meaning java files and .xml layout files) as possible but keep tutorial comprehensive with good explanation.
    3 Covers the basics and if possible advanced areas so complex apps can be written.
    4 Shows both how to send images from within android studio (meaning R.drawable.images) to an activity.

    My ultimate goal is to write a very basic ecommerce app that can show the images I specify and just send them to the next page (activity). I suceeded by changing a project so that the receiving page gets the same image for multiple entries but the sending side still cannot display the image. I'm unsure how to continue. To worsen the case, many other examples / guides from github / tutorials found are outdated. At most, they show only a basic toast message, something that an elementary google search in android studio can easily find and show. I came across all kinds of error messages and I have to make a google search to update it, hoping for something useful. So far, none have shown to be really useful and not all outdated projects can be updated. I was forced to manually create some of them.

    I have found 2 tutorials but they obtain the images from internet links or from the local phone gallery. That's not what I want. You may check :

    I would appreciate any information anyone has. I hope someone knows something.

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    Hi there, I've moved your development-oriented thread to the Android Development subforum for better exposure. :thumbsupdroid:
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