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Question on "running apps" showing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by htmlcssguru, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. htmlcssguru

    htmlcssguru Well-Known Member
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    Ok, did the update to 2.2 with no problems (2 phones). Notice now that under Settings / Applications / Manage Applications /Running there's a lot more info than before.

    In the list of 'running apps' it shows things like Flickr, Facebook, Footprints all with the HTC Corporation underneath them. I'm assuming this is part of HTC Sense and they can not be 'turned off' since I tried to kill them (don't use Flickr nor Footprints) but see they come back on by themselves.

    Under the Apps screen there's no icon for Flickr but there is one for Footprints. But, it doesn't have anything under settings that says "Don't start" or similar.

    I'm just trying to make sure that the update didn't install or modify settings on some of the services/apps I turned off when I got the phone as part of my power management tweaks. It appears that some of these have indeed been reset (My Sprints, for example, completely reset to have all notifications, news, updates etc. turned on when I had turned them off previously).

    So, i'm assuming that the HTC related items can not be 'turned off' unless anyone knows a way to do it.

    And, just to make you aware, some of your settings most likely have been reset if you've done the update to 2.2 which will affect your battery life.

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  2. AlkiDweller

    AlkiDweller Android Enthusiast

    Do yourself a favor and don't try to shut down stuff when you don't know the consequences. If you read threads about task killers they're filled with people that wonder why email stopped working, gmail wouldn't sync and a bunch of other problems.

    Android does very well at managing it's own processes but sometimes third party apps don't. If you don't know what you're doing and want to shut down programs or processes stick with the stuff you get from the market and leave the "out of the box" stuff alone.

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