Question on Sending Data Over Push Notifications


Good day, everyone

I want to do a simple application that sends the Google maps location of a user over to other users of the same application via Push Notifications. I have never done something like this before, so I am a little bit lost.

I asked a friend that knows about Android Development, and he said that I should set up an HTTP server, and have the server send push notifications via GSM.

I have quite a few questions:

1. Does this make sense? Is it possible to set up an HTTP server and send push notifications for you.

2. If possible, is there any preferred platform for doing this server? I am currently learning Node.js. Would a node server work fine?

3. What Android aspects would I need to know to do something like this? My friend told me that integrating Google Maps was easy, but the other stuff was not so easy. He suggested I looked over Android Volley and Google Cloud to make this easier.

4. For the HTTP server, are there any particular suggestions? My friend told me to use Express.js if I was going to do it with Node.js to start with.

As you guys can see, I am a little lost. Are there any tips that you guys could give me on where to start? Or maybe some tutorials that have helped you to do something similiar to this before.

Thank you very much,