Question: people management app.


Hello all,

I play for a musical ensemble and am looking for a free app that can be used by everyone in the group to show dates for upcoming gigs and allow individual members to submit their availibility. Anybody know of anything suitable? It would have to be suitable for android and iPhone?

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The Doctor
Doesn't GMail/Google Calendar already do this by default? Not sure about what other features you may be looking at, but if you create an event in Google Calendar for your gig, you can put in the email addresses of your friends as participants. They they will receive an email in which they can respond if they're available or not.

Facebook can also do this. You can create a Facebook page of your group. You can use the feature for Events, and invite your people. They will get a Facebook prompt where they can accept or decline due to inavailability.
Yes you can try Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Calendar gives you the option to receive a daily email detailing all your appointments and meetings. Even you are offline you can access Google calendar.