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Question regarding Mesmerize Accessories???...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cesardrgn, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So the phone came out not even a week ago but right now US Cellular doesn't have a lot of Accessories for the phone. the 3-pack screen protector i got for it was a joke. is not clear and you can see the screen all gray been off.

    I was looking at Verizon and also noticed that they have a dock station for the Fasinate and, well they have a lot more stuff from Verizon at this point but i was wondering if everything will work for this phone? i really need a dock station, a better screen protector that's clear and car charger. OH and also does the extended battery work on our phones??? this battery they give you is a bit of a joke or so i think.

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  2. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ended up getting a screen protector from my local Best Buy and let me tell you that IT ROCKS!

    Invisible Shield by Zagg. the ones by my carrier really suck since it makes the screen dim and blurry plus having the phone off you can see the gray protector. makes the phone look ugly! the invisible shield is what i wanted, you really can't see it on or off
  3. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    I think you probably bought USCC's "privacy screen". Its meant to be difficult to see from "wide angles".

    From what I read, the Fascinate accessories will work. I've used Invisible Shield on an iPod touch. You may also want to look into Steinheil Ultra Crystal.

    I started to get one for my Mez, but with the new belief project and "3x" replacement, I'm gonna take my chances with this one and see how the replacement policy works out. I did get a decent USCC gel skin for it until Otterbox releases a case for these phones, however.
  4. Hey all,

    I also have the ZAGG screen protector for my Mesmerize. It is amazing, and definitely worth the $20. If you order it direction from Zagg.com, it comes with life-time free replacements. It's really a great deal!

    The Mesmerize and the Fascinate are the same phone, so feel free to purchase whatever accessories you would like.

    I ordered my Zagg screen protector a week before the Mesmerize released (so it would be here when I could buy the phone) yet I had to order it for the Fascinate. it fits perfect.

    And LaTuFu, I as well have a standard case until Otterbox releases one. I contacted their development team and they said "we are working on it due to the high number of requests".

    Hope that helps!
  5. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    I purchased the screen protectors and the silicone case at the same time I bought my phone. I'm not using the screen protectors anymore for the same reasons that others have mentioned.

    I found a suitable belt pouch at a local Verizon store (this phone is BIG). I also picked up a desk cradle w/spare battery and charging station. It is really quite nice, and yes, the included battery works in our USCC branded Galaxy S phones. I also got the gooseneck car cradle that Verizon sells. It works well and I mount the phone in landscape view.
  6. TGIMerv

    TGIMerv Lurker

    Looking for one of these. Was it for any specific device or generic?

  7. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    It was either for the Droid X or Droid 2, whichever is bigger. Works real well, even with the silicone cover I got when I picked up the phone.
  8. shortride

    shortride Well-Known Member

    I need a Mesmerize original box. Mine got crushed.

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