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Question specifically for those with screen set to brightest level

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by finn5975, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I prefer to keep my screen set at the brightest level as it helps me see it better. Purely a preference and a choice I choose to make. However, I notice that after an 45 minutes of use, my battery will drop from 100% down to around 25% while using 3G. I do have other things running such as push for email, a weather widget, and gps. I am only set to run on 3G/cdma. The battery stats state that my screen uses >60% of the battery.

    Given that information, does the 75% drop sound about right? I also notice now that when I am using my phone while plugged into the wall charging....I will notice a slow decrease in the charge % as opposed to increasing battery life. I have swapped out three batteries with the same results. Any insight would be appreciated. I am aware of the many things I can do to improve battery life. I am just curious if this sounds like a separate problem. Thanks!!

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  2. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    And I do apologize, I thought I was in the Verizon specific area when I posted this. MODs if you prefer to move this, I appreciate it. Sorry.:eek:
  3. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Android Expert

    having brightness set at 100% all the time will absolutely drain the battery Fast....that fast, not sure.

    how do you even keep it that bright....it actually hurts my eyes to look at it at that brightness...and this is in my work office with pretty good lighting. only use 100% brightness outside.

    turn off GPS unless you are using it (navigation) that is also a killer.
    other stuff (push mail, weather ect) shouldn't effect the battery much at all.

    and are you saying after 45 minutes of screen on time it is down to 25%? that is completely normal. i get about 2.25 hours screen on time with auto brightness (usually pretty low as i am indoors most of the time)
  4. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for responding! My friends get on me about keeping it so bright too. It's time I get used to a much lower setting. I've always had it set to the highest brightness since day one of owning a phone and basically became accustomed to it.
    I am surprised that it would only take 45 minutes at that setting to wipe the battery but I suppose powering such a large screen makes a difference too. I will take your advice and turn off GPS.
    I am getting a replacement sent to me overnight because my phone's ability to connect to data completely crapped out so I'll see if that makes any difference as well.
  5. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Android Expert

    I have my screen on the brightest setting all the time and my battery easily lasts all day using 3G. Right now I'm at 82% after 4 hours and 27 minutes and my screen shows 49% use.
  6. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja

    when i get to work, my phone is on wifi, and charged all day, when i leave work, my phone with the brightness on, and on 4G will last all night(thats from 4:30 to 11, unless im using the crap out of it, then it lasts 3 hours
  7. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow. I am not seeing anywhere near that performance. Matter of fact, today while I was on it for 15 minutes checking email and facebook, the battery dropped from 84% to 52%. I also find it strange that the battery will drop, albeit slowly, while it is plugged into the wall charging while I use it. I guess tomorrow when I get my replacement I can see if things improve. I didn't pay a ton of attention in the past....but I don't remember it being nearly this bad.
  8. cam86john

    cam86john Newbie

    i just wish they'd make a battery similar to how the phone is made. A stock 1750 mAh battery on a 4.7 inch screen is pretty bogus.
    The Razr maxx did it. too bad it's a Motorola or I'd go for it. Friend says he keeps his brightness on full, syncing, 4g lte, uses it a lot, and only plugs his phone in before he goes to bed.

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