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Question, theory, conspiracy?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by techobsessive, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. techobsessive

    techobsessive Member
    Thread Starter

    So at 17 (almost 18), taking Java for two years to program for Android, ive accepted that I just can't get a smart phone. Sad. Im on VZW and have a enV touch, its driving me up a wall. (I also made it go swimming with me..so thats prob. why ). So to cut things short, is it possible to take a Micro Sim card from AT&T put it in a adapter and put it in saay, a nexus one or captivate? What id do is take the no-contract pre-paid data plan of the iPad 3G, most likely the 200MB/month for $15 and use Google Voice and other various VoIP clients to use as phone and GV for texts..I pretty much have WiFi where ever I go and pretty decent AT&T 3G in my area. Yes I know, it's just not that simple. Id have to change the APN on the device to att's broadband. Tweak a heck out the phone, but..
    1.) Is it possible? Ive seen it done for a data only iPhone
    2.) It is legal right?
    Pleaseee answer.

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  2. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    Yes and no, At&t can tell what type of device you have and as soon as they recognize the device, they will want to up you to a Smartphone data plan. I don't think At&t has a "data only" plan for a smartphone, they will want to charge you for a basic phone plan too.

    You might be able to use Wifi only and get a pre-paid phone SIM to use when you are off a Wifi network for phone only.
  3. techobsessive

    techobsessive Member
    Thread Starter

    would that work though? prepaid with somthing like a n1 or captivate?
  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    Wal-Mart and it's prepaid plans is about to start supporting At&t bands, there are others too for US. I have always got At&t to unlock my phones, just by asking. You can google pre-paid plans and there are a few companies selling them.

    But, if they don't come down on price, not sure how a starving student would afford either a $300 or $550 version of this device. The Captivate is currently going for as little as $50.
  5. techobsessive

    techobsessive Member
    Thread Starter

    well im in highschool, and not college so im not starving yet haha, but so youre saying i could get an unlocked phone and use it on walmart pre-paid?
  6. thejdubb02

    thejdubb02 Member

    If the IMEI is not recognized by AT&T, at this point you should be able to get away with the $15 unlimited data plan for regular phones. I have seen this done many times with phones from different carriers because the automated system used to track the IMEI and apply the correct data plan can't recognize and IMEI that is not made for AT&T and it not registered in the system... so you might be ok.

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