Help Question to all, can I do this

My broken ally was rooted before it stopped working. I have a new ally coming in the mail this week. Is it possible to root my new phone and restore my current SD card and rom off my broken phone to my new phone using rom manager? Or would it be a waste of time trying to get the new phone to recognize my old SD card? Thanks for the help


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as long as your SD card is intact you should have no problem as long as you have a recent nandroid backup from your old phone on it. When you get your new phone, root it and install the custom recovery... then flash.

I don't see any issues with what you want to do... the only problem may be the integrity of your SD card.


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Restoring a loaded and running nandroid doesnt always work, but it can and has for me a time or 2. Make sure you make a nandroid before so if it doesnt work you have a way to get back