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Question to those that use Soundhound

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ebc1973, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. ebc1973

    ebc1973 Member
    Thread Starter

    For those that have the premium version, is it a one time 4.99 charge, or will I be billed 4.99 per month? Sometimes these things are not very clear, and you think it is a one time thing, and find out later it is a recurring charge. Just want to clarify before going further. Thanks.

  2. italianwjt

    italianwjt Well-Known Member

    no. its a one time charge
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  3. ebc1973

    ebc1973 Member
    Thread Starter

    Perfect!! Thanks for the clarification!
  4. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    And the app is AWESOME!
  5. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Since we're on the subject, what is soundhound?
  6. orbitz781

    orbitz781 Newbie

    Its a nifty app that allows you to hum a tune or play it from the radio and it'll tell you the name of the artist, the song and give you links to videos, lyrics, other songs by the artist. It's AWESOME. And I use it every single day. It has to be the best app I've ever purchased.
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  7. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

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  8. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    Thanks, That sounds like something I might actually use sometimes.
  9. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    Is this app more accurate then Shazam? There were a few songs on the radio that was newer that Shazam couldn't find out who it was.
  10. italianwjt

    italianwjt Well-Known Member

    Yes way more accurate
  11. CoolBreeze

    CoolBreeze Newbie

    In my short time with soundhound I have been impressed. I love that it shows lyrics for tagged songs and it does tag quicker than shazam. There has been a couple times when it missed songs that shazam nailed. One example is 50 Cent - window shopper, Soundhound mis labeled this song twice in a row while shazam nailed it. Im hoping its just with that song because overall soundhound has been very accurate.
  12. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    This works Vice Versa as well. I put both apps on my iphone[got em both back when they were fresh out the gate and still *free*] and I did several random test for a good 20-30 minutes tagging different songs, and the results varied. Some songs Midomi[Soundhound] got that Shazam didnt and vice versa. YMMV.
  13. f1nzup

    f1nzup Newbie

    I have been testing out both apps the last week and have found Soundhound to be more consistent. It found several songs that Shazam couldn't identify. Also, when I brought up the album catalog of the same artist on both, Soundhound brought up the artist's entire catalog, while Shazam only brought up about a third of them.

    Looks like I'm going to make the jump to the Soundhound premium version.
  14. Funksultan

    Funksultan Newbie

    I'm using Shazam right now. My question about SoundHound is, does it have a 1-touch widget?

    That's all I'm really looking for. When I'm driving in my car, and I hear a song I like, I want a 1-touch tagging control. Shazam is currently like 3 clicks, with 2 of them coming after the pause of waiting for the inital app to load. I gotta keep my eyes on the fine ladie...er, the road.

  15. silliybilly

    silliybilly Member

    Soundhound is also faster in tagging songs compared to Shazam. I think Droiddog.com did a comparison awhile back and Soundhound tagged songs a lot faster.
  16. mntbighker

    mntbighker Well-Known Member

    Next question.. can either app provide tag lists that you can share, copy or save? For example to a spreadsheet or something? Do either keep your tag list online or just on the phone?
  17. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    No 1-touch widget, but you can set the app to tag as soon as you open it, therefore having 1-touch like functionality. Just put the app on your homescreen, and as soon as you launch it, it starts tagging.

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