Question Unanswered For a Long Time? Read This! :)

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So you have a question that you need an answer urgently but you have posted for hours and still no response...You feel frustrated yet start to feel that the light is getting fader and fader...fader and fader...but fear not! By understanding the reason and making a few changes to your post, answers will be flooding in in noatime (I mean no time, that is a joke, don't be frightened by the linux stuff)...:p

Why is a question unanswered?
1. It was posted on the wrong section
- post in the forum specific for your phone
- stuff about root should go to the all root section
** But don't worry, lots of friendly guides will direct you to the right one if you can't find the right section...:)

2. Not enough information was provided
- describe more about your problem
- tell about your phone's status (rooted/unrooted), ROM, Android version etc
**Confused? Read on for a answer-friendly template! :D

So, to make it easier for other users to help you, try to use this template to ask questions:
Magical Answer-Attracter Template:
Phone name:
Phone model number:
Android Version:
Status (rooted/not rooted):
Firmware/ROM version:
Type of problem (software/hardware):
What were you doing before this:
Description of problem:
What you tried (to solve the problem):

Service provider:
Possible to reproduce the problem? How?(How the problem happened):
Attach logcats/logs if any:

That's all from me...enjoy exploring Android! :) Hope your problems will be solved soon! Any suggestions to improve this thread are welcomed!

*P.S. I believe it is a humble request for the moderators to make this thread sticky as more users should be aware of this... thanks in advanced...:)


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Nice to see someone make a thread and possibly a sticky about this. I got fed up answering the same question 7 or 8 times each day so hardly answer anything now. :(


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Ryuinferno, add this also please,
While describing the problem, they should also explain what was the last thing they did with the phone and what have they done to try solve it till now, it might help people determine what caused the problem.


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I wanted to let everybody know after much deliberation we won't be making this a sticky for various reasons. We greatly appreciate the input and helpful attitudes, please continue to bring these to the table since that is one of the things that make this site great!:D:D:D