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questions about data connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LGG, Sep 2, 2011.

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    had my handset GT 19000 since april. internet has been great on it. but the last few days i can hardly get on the net where i live except for using wireless. its ok when im in different location few miles away for eg. it seems to be an issue with the 2 little arrows (red Hardly shows) when i have the H above it which seems strange as from searching on here the H is supposed to be the strongest single. when im in a diff area and it has say the E or another symbol the connection is ok. i went into my provider and they said updating the phone my help although they think its just the local connection that isnt very good at the min in the area i live in if it works ok in other places. and the signal strength is -85dBm 15asu i dont know if thats decent.

    anyway to cut a long stroy short ive tried going to settings and software update and when i check for an update the connection comes back as failed or is just connecting to the server with the icon in the top left of my phone but nothing happens and after a while it goes off so i click on resume update and it comes up as no update available . even if i try doing it on wifi. also i see theres all this gingerbread etc but im clueless as to what that means my phone is currently firmware version 2.2.1

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