Dec 10, 2009
Love my droid but I just have a few small questions! I have the data plan and my droid alerts me whenever I recieve a new email. And that is awesome and all, but after it alerts me, I check it but there is no new emails in my inbox. Can anyone help me with that? Could I possibly turn off the email alert sound, but still have the alert?

Question 2: When I put my phone on vibrate it vibrates when I click on things on the screen but it doesnt vibrate when i get a text or call :/

Question 3: The battery life! I had it fully charged 100% this morning. I took it off the charger at 8:00am. Troughout the day I sometimes used the web/apps, but mostly texted and made calls. And by 3:00pm, my battery was completely drained! That cant be normal!