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Questions about Root Access

Discussion in 'Application Development' started by kidnoble, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. kidnoble

    kidnoble Member
    Thread Starter

    So I've had my g1 since january or so...and I'm considering rooting my phone. I guess I just have a few questions/concerns. BTW, I'm sure some of these might have been answered in other posts or the root post, but as you can imagine...that's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    1. I see and read the directions on how to root the phone, and it looks like chinese lol. How easy is it to root the phone? (I'm on g1 running cupcake btw.)

    2. Once rooted...can you unroot? How easy is that?

    3. How likely is it that my phone ends up bricked? I can't afford a new one lol.


  2. 1) It's actually VERY easy sounds MUCH harder than it actually is... And does not matter what build you are currently running as rooting you will need to revert to an old build to establish root then step up build by build, RC29, RC33, Cupcake

    2) Yes you can unroot, the process is essentially the same only replacing the rooted builds with stock builds..

    3) if you follow the directions and ask questions if your when you get stuck it is almost impossible to brick and even than it is probably fixable if you talk to someone who has done the root process a few times...
  3. kidnoble

    kidnoble Member
    Thread Starter

    ok one more question...I've been reading around and seeing about partitioning the sdcard for fatblahblah...how do I do that? and do I need a microsd card reader?

  4. No you do not "need" a micro sd card reader however it is recommended... now what you need to do is if in windows download paragon ( PARAGON Software Group - partition manager, drive backup, hard disk partitioning ) you will need it to shrink your fat32 portion and then create either and EXT2 or EXT3 partition depending on the build you intend to use... once you have created the new partition format ONLY the new partition and put the card back in the phone....

    in linux/ubuntu use gparted to shrink the fat32 and create the EXT2 or EXT3 partition based on the build you intend to use...

    if you are using a cm build it will automatically link it for you... and can/will run apps from sd... if you are running a jf build or an older build that requires EXT2 the commands to move apps to sd are as follows:

    adb devices
    adb remount
    adb shell
    cp -a /data/app /system/sd
    cp -a /data/app-private /system/sd
    rm -r /data/app
    rm -r /data/app-private
    ln -s /system/sd/app /data/app
    ln -s /system/sd/app-private /data/app-private
  5. kidnoble

    kidnoble Member
    Thread Starter

    o..k...that lost me a little bit...but we'll see...lol

    I may see if I can find someone to hop on IM with me as I do it lol
  6. go to #androidforums on IRC one of us is always around to help....

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