Root Questions about Rooting new update


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I was told to ask if I didnt understand something and I gotta admit I am a tad confused right now.

I know most likely this is a super stupid question but hey I prefer to ask it then end up with a paper weight.

I seen this on rooting the new update

Which is really easy to follow and understand just I am not sure what CWM is. Seems like I read else where about it thought and you are suppose to install a older version over a newer version?

One more question I have my phone currently rooted I removed a bunch of bloat ware. Will I still be able to use the update. or do I need to re flash the stock rom first. Maybe I should use Titanium backup to put the bloatware back on?

Thanks guys for the help sorry for the dumb questions.


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this is what CWM is and is the older version they are talking about aka the one you stick to when updated. and for the update you can simply just do it cause it reflashes everything on your phone with the new software overwriting everything you had before. i had mine rooted wit bloatware removed and upgraded it. and i even downgraded just for kicks


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Thanks this worked perfectly and was so easy. It seems every time I do something on my phone I wanna kick my self for being nervous. Thanks to the excellent android community and moders this stuff is so simple easy to do.

This seriously makes me wanna try a custom rom now. Installing Odin was easy as pie I have a good feeling the Root will be just as easy also.

There is one odd thing I have noticed and cant figure out. Nothing works the first time the computer will not connect to the device. Following back thought with the steps a second time and everything works perfect.