Help Questions about S Cloud and Dropbox

Can someone help me with s cloud please? I cant find cloud under settings and am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am looking at this

How do I sync content to Cloud services on my Samsung Galaxy Note® II? : T-Mobile Cell Phones | Samsung

It says: From the Home screen, touch Menu
> Settings
> Cloud

I dont have cloud as an option.

Thanks for any help.

Your almost there.
Its under the section called "personal"
Well, at least that's where mine is :)


Android Expert
Only works on T-Mobile.
Incorrect. I am in Canada with Telus and have this feature (but S Cloud constantly gives sync errors for me). This feature is dependent on carrier. In this case Verizon removed this feature from the Note 2.

Only reason I can think of why they did that is to push their own Verizon Cloud services.