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Questions about switching phones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ScarletRooter, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. ScarletRooter

    ScarletRooter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay so as at the title suggests, I'm thinking about getting a new phone. I'm going to keep this one just for music and stuff, but I wanted to know something before I went out of my way to buy the phone I want

    The phone I want is an LG G Stylo running android 6.0 for 99$. The only problem that I have is that the phone is a prepaid BOOST mobile phone. Now I don't want to sign up with boost, just because I like Virgin Mobile (Which is my current carrier). Also, I want to keep my number. I have very important things going on right now that require me to keep this phone number.

    My service ends on the 25 of this month and I'm planning on getting this LG G Stylo tomorrow, but I need to know is there a way I could possibly buy it and switch to virgin?

    My ideas were this

    1) Call virgin mobile and ask them to delete my account data. Wipe my phone number so I can use it on boost (Which I really prefer not to do, I'd rather stick with virgin)

    2) Would it be possible to have them give my the MSL so I could call virgin and have them manually give me the information I need to activate the phone?

    Again I'd rather pick option 2 because I want to stick with Virgin Mobile's 35$ a month plan. Anybody know what I can do or if these options will work?


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    Post #7 by HasH_BrowN, Feb 20, 2016 (1 points)
  3. plpr

    plpr Well-Known Member

    Virgin carries this phone for 200 dollars... http://www.virginmobileusa.com/shop/cell-phones/lg-g-stylo-phone/features/ if your willing to pay 100 more.. Maybe you could even call virgin and ask about the 100 dollar price difference. Maybe you'll get a little discount :p.
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  4. HasH_BrowN

    HasH_BrowN Android Expert

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  5. ScarletRooter

    ScarletRooter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I don't want to pay more though @HasH_BrowN I'm fine with paying just 99$ for it. I don't want to pay any extra to be honest. I'm on a budget and besides I need to spend this Best Buy Store Credit that I have
  6. plpr

    plpr Well-Known Member

    seems there is no way out my friend
  7. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    Boost and VM phones are not interchangeable. I've tried to take my Boost Volt to VM and they won't do it, even if they carry the same phone. Why? Because reasons.

    Why don't you want to switch to Boost?
  8. HasH_BrowN

    HasH_BrowN Android Expert

    But you can't use the device from one provider on a different one unless they (provider) allow it. Boost and Virgin don't allow that transfer. That's why I gave you the link for a VIRGIN MOBILE STYLO. That's the cheapest around.

    You also didn't include in the OP that this purchase would rely on BestBuy store credit, now the replies aren't what you were looking for. So with this new info:

    • I would go into BestBuy and see what in store deals there were. Talk to the sales rep and see if there's any "open box" deals.
    • Look for a deal on different phone.
    • Stay with the same phone
    • Save the store credit for now

    Just saying: This should NOT have been posted in the Root section, as it's an UNRELATED subject.
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  9. andMego

    andMego Android Enthusiast

    Once a best buy store credit expires you can call them within 90 days and they will give you another 60 days to use it. So in theory you can use it in 5 months (that's what they told me). Also you can only extend it once it's already expired, like I called the day before it expired and they said to call back tomorrow or anytime in the next 90 days.
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  10. ScarletRooter

    ScarletRooter Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you all for your suggestions, I've finally got the phone now!
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