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Support Questions About Syncing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mass Zero, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Mass Zero

    Mass Zero Lurker
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    Hey all,

    A few things about syncing are rather unclear to me and I'm hoping any of you can help me.

    Firstly, what are the pre-requisites for automatic synchronizing? Let me take Facebook for example, I've noticed that it barely ever seems to sync for me, even though I set it to 1 hour. How come? Must the app that does the syncing be running 24/7? I noticed once that Facebook synced when I had the widget on my home screen, but the thing's so damn ugly, I'd rather not have it there. The syncing of any app just seems so random... :/

    Secondly, this one is Facebook specific, I have some problems with contact syncing. When I try to use Facebook's own app to sync contacts, by adding another account, my phone tries to redirect me to the Facebook app, but all I get is a blank screen for a second and then I'm back at the account settings, without any changes. Also, when I try to use the Galaxy S' integrated Facebook account to sync contacts it just messes up. It syncs fine, but I only see a few Facebook entries in my contacts list, while I see all of them when I go to the Facebook contacts group. I would much raher like to see all of them in the default contacts list.

    All right, I guess that's about it. Once again, I'm hoping any of you can help me with this.



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