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Questions about the stylo 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Reyes Sandoval, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Reyes Sandoval

    Thread Starter

    Im thinking of getting the lg stylo 3. But the problem i have with the stylo is i wouldn't get my messages. I had the first stylo love it but i wish i could get my messages. So my question is does anyone have the stylo 3 and if so do you have any troubles with texts messages like not receiving them?

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  2. Mase2113

    Mase2113 Lurker

    I personally will not buy the Stylo 3. I own a Stylo 2 and I beleive LG is blocking the ability to root this phone. They will probably continue this with the Stylo 3. The Stylo 2 is a good phone and Stylo 3 may be also but for me no root is a deal breaker. If root is not important to you, i say go for it.
  3. Reyes Sandoval

    Thread Starter

    But have u any problems with receiving any texts message or anything like that?
  4. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    Is say that's more of an issue with your carrier than the phone itself. My son switched to the style 2 from the warp 7 on boost and has never had a complaint about not receiving test messages.
  5. Mase2113

    Mase2113 Lurker

    No problems sending or receiving texts at all. I have Boost Mobile which is on the Sprint network I believe.
  6. youngrod28

    youngrod28 Member

    We have root for this phone mine has been rooted for months and im going for the 3 when it gets to Metro if you cant root it's cause of boost not LG. I went threw the bootloader unlock and flashed the files i needed
  7. db2_

    db2_ Newbie

    No, we don't. And it's not just Boost, it's all the Sprint variants.
  8. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member

    The T mobile/Metro versions on the stylo series are always Better than Sprint/boost//crickets versions.
    1Higher specs..
    2.Unlockable Bootloaders/Root
    3.Better network on data speeds equal better overall fluidity

    Now having the k550 or ms550 stylo 2 plus. No need to upgrade to the stylo 3 plus unless you want or need a 1080 p screen resolution. Im content with 720 p. Only upgrade in my opnion. Other upgrades are minor..
    Android O may come to the stylo 3 depending on the terms and agreement with tmobile/metro pcs...Judging by the first two stylo variants, both recieved os upgrades.

    I'm keeping my black stylo 2 plus ms550 flashed with .kdz tmobile software rooted on.7.0 for at least two more years until android O becomes public for all oem devices. The picture in picture option is long waited..lol
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    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  9. BrickHouse

    BrickHouse Android Enthusiast

    Through personal experience I have discovered that the issue with text (SMS/MMS) messages not being received or sent has more to do with how you set up and use your phone. It isn't specifically related any carrier or phone.

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