Questions, again.


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Hey, I might have annoyed you a lot, but I would like my answers ready by the time I get my phone.

1. I was looking in some threads, and saw that some SD cards don't get read by the PC (the one provided with the phone itself). What are the steps to make it read it.

2. Can someone clarify how to update the firmware version. What are the steps.

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When plugging the phone into the PC, the phone will show a notification that the USB cable is connected. Tapping on that notification gives you the option to mount the SD card as a storage device for the computer. Once you're done transferring files, tap the notification again and unmount it.

Updating official firmware is very simple. You just download HTC's RUU for your phone/carrier, and it walks you through it. Over the air updates can also be possible depending on your carrier in the future.