Help Questions from a new Galaxy S owner


Just got my Galaxy S a couple of days ago, and pretty happy with it. Loving the HD video playback, the screen, among several other things. The phone's default config is quite robust as is, but there's a few niggling things that have gotten on my nerve.

I'd like to root the phone and I've seen the method to do so already. It's a little troublesome, but I'll be willing to do so if it solves my problems, and if I can find replacements for everything I'll be throwing away should I flash the OS to Froyo.

  1. Can I remove carrier specific startup and shutdown ads if I root the phone, or do I need to flash the OS? Can I also remove pre-installed bloatware from the exclusive carrier after just rooting it only?
  2. I've heard good things about battery life getting better with certain patches or Froyo builds. Where can I find these, and what are their names?
  3. I've also heard of Launcher Apps that let me boot to more than one version of Android without haven't to do anything permanent. Could someone point me in the correct direction?
  4. I'd miss the HD playback software greatly if I change to stock Android. Are there any apps that support playback of MKV, AVI files in H.264/Xvid encoding without the need to re-encode the files to smaller resolutions?
  5. Is there a music player app that supports FLAC/MP3/OGG that's available in the market?
  6. Does the stock Android gallery apps for pictures mirror the default Galaxy S one? If not, what's the best app for showing off a portfolio?
  7. What's a good RSS reader around that doesn't need me to give up my Google account username and passwords?
  8. There's a bug in my music player that's corrupted a single FLAC file. I tried to rename it in MyFiles app, but after doing so, I can't add it to a playlist without it crashing during playback, or repeating itself alone if it actually works. Anyone encountered this problem before?
  9. Short of buying Quick Office Mobile Suite, is there any way to get ThinkFree Office to save in other formats like normal DOC, PPT, and XLS? Also, is there a way to stop it from screwing up formatting in textfiles and DOC files converted to DOCX?
  10. I'm in a region that doesn't let me buy apps from the Market, and SlideMe doesn't work very well, with lots of crashes. How easy is it for me to buy an app direct from the programmer usually?