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Questions - iPhone to android

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ghostinshell, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ghostinshell

    ghostinshell Lurker
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    hi all,

    Been on iPhone for quite a while last time I used android was around Samsung s2 or s3 days. Even my work is pretty much IPhone.

    So family and I have been really looking at going back to android. Most of us are pretty heavy users... wife’s takes massive photos and hits her phone storage limits all the time
    Even with iCloud photos storage.

    Couple of questions for the hive mind;

    I currently have an iphone8 looking at Samsung s10e or maybe a pixel 3 leaning on s10e thoughts on performance? Battery? My phone usually will last me the day.

    How well does photo storage to cloud work?

    Been digging on security, I actually have a decent background in this. But just asking for the hive opinion. Seems android have better os level security, and Selinux policy’s better sandboxes and containers but user level stuff and App Store stuff is messy, with iOS is the opposite decent hygiene around apps but some of the hygiene in the os is lacking.

    What about ai? Both my wife and daughter have issues and use speech as an input iPhone works ok in this how, well does android? And in what apps can you use speech as input? And does it learn?

    Thanks in advance


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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    i have been a samsung user since the note 3 came on the market......been a note user ever since. so i would say that the sammy is your best bet. but i do here very good things about the pixel 3. the pixel, being google, will always get android updates first over anybody else. so with newest android os that is about to hit phones, android 10, expect the pixel 3 to get the official version first. i believe the beta version is available if you like to give it a go with it.

    the s10e sounds like a good deal.
    this guys calls it a premium mid range phone:

    so you can not go wrong with either phone.

    as for photos....use google photos. you can set it to automatically download only on wifi, to save data consumption. but i never have to worry about losing my photos. i can take a picture, have it backed up, then pop on my computer or tablet and go into google photos and.....boom there they are.

    just be wary of what you download.....most stuff is safe, but there can be a few apps that might slip by and download adware......but that's about it......never had to worry really about anything malicious on my phone.

    i mostly use the google assistant when driving....mainly when using google maps. never really used it on any other apps. but it works really well. if the car's surrounding is loud it might have trouble, but it is rare when that happens.

    i never owned anything apple so i can't compare for you.

    keep us posted on what you pick and give a review on what you think about android compared to ios
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  3. ghostinshell

    ghostinshell Lurker
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    Thanks for the reply, how well does it do in txt msgs and how well does it read to you?
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    not sure what you mean by text messages. it handles text messages like any other phone. can't imagine that texting is bad on either phone. if anything it will depend on who your carrier is then the phone.

    well reading is a different story. i think the amazon kindle app works great as far as read back audio goes. never really used that feature to be honest.
  5. ghostinshell

    ghostinshell Lurker
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    My daughter has a disability and she uses speech to txt to send txt msgs and use it to read back to her, and to read new msgs.

    Was wonder how well the worked?
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  6. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    well speech to text works great on my note 10+, can't say about reading back though.
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    i believe read back is done through accessibility. i think i had accidentally enabled it one time. it was a pain in the ass cuz it read everything on the screen back to me. at first i did not know that i had to double tap my selection which became very tedious to disable it.....not sure really how that is helpful. but it did read things back to me.
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  8. Clementine_3

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    I mostly use assistant to call, navigate or read and send texts from my car (through Android Auto), it works really well. 'OK Google, read my text" and 'OK Google send text to (-name-) rarely fails and asks if you want to respond, sometimes 'she' screws a word or or two up but it's not bad at all (and they can be funny when 'she' gets them wrong). I do use it night if I get a text and have just gone to bed, I yell at 'her' and 'she' jumps right up and helps me. 'She's' never not set an alarm when I ask either. I don't use it a ton but when I do I really can't complain, it really does come in handy for searches, calls, text, navigation etc.
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  9. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    That question does bring up a significant aspect when it comes to Android vs. iPhone. With your iPhone you have a backup/restore/migrate solution that's already implemented with your device. Everything gets uploaded into your online iCloud account where if needed you just restore your phone if some problem does occur, and/or you can easily just migrate your old iPhone's user set up onto a new iPhone. With Android however, we're stuck with setting up our own backup solutions, and in the event we need to migrate from an old phone to a new one, there may or may not be easy solutions to do this successfully. (i.e. If you do opt to get a Samsung, you can use Samsung's Smart Switch utility to do full backups and restores, and migrate from one phone to another which works out better if both are supported Samsung phones. But the process is still not as seamless and thorough as iCloud. (This does highlight a notable difference between the two platforms, where Apple has almost complete control over its hardware and software, along with fundamental services, while Android is much more diverse with Google only having control over the Android OS and numerous manufacturers, carriers, and retailers inserting themselves into a less structured environment.) Also keep in mind not all the different brands of Android phones have similar backup/restore/migrate services. There are several third-party utilities in the Play Store that are developed independently that are worth looking into, but that will be matter of always doing a little research on any app you install on your own to validate its credibility and actual functionality. Google does screen out a lot of crapware from its Play Store on a continuous basis, just as Apple does in its online Apple Store, but not everything submitted by the miscreants can be found and revealed immediately so just be a little cautious about what you do install on your own.
    But getting back to your query regarding online photo storage, there are well established services that work quite well. The Google Photos app is a popular choice, it's basically a photo manager app up front, but it's ability to do backups and syncing of your photo library up into your online Google account in the background is a big plus. This gives you the ability to always be able to access your photo library from either your phone or using a web interface on any web browser. If you're wary of handing too much of your data to Google, there are of course apps for other third party file sharing services like Dropbox, SpiderOak (a privacy focused service), OneDrive, etc. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, the online Amazon Drive is included at no extra charge (up to 5GBs).
    Oh and regarding your wife amassing lots of photos, if she's just using the free, default iCloud storage capacity of 5GBs, with Android, the free, default is 15GBs.
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