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Questions on my S2 problem.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bilz, May 24, 2011.

  1. Bilz

    Bilz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello fellow S2 users.. I finally got S2 on Monday and enjoying it very much. It is an upgrade from iphone 1st gen (good bye iphone:D).

    As you can see.. its a huge tech upgrade not forgetting ios to android.

    I just have a few question.

    1) Manage to run samsung kies once and notice my firmware is up to date and that was it, i couldn`t get it to work again.. it keeps getting stucked at loading phone. anyone have problems like me?

    2) I believe i am still running on android 2.3.3. Has 2.3.4 out for galaxy s2?


    3) This is my first cycle after a full charge, i plan to drain an recharge a few times. Keep in mind stock phone with fb and email running. is this standard battery life?


    4) Rooting.. i am planing to root it for sure going to freeze so many bloatware cant wait for that! but.. i have been noticing samsung have been trying hard to improve user experience by patch bugs constantly... so should i just root it now or wait for more patches before rooting?

    I haven been reading this forum xda and some blogs.. and notice either they are outdated or doesn`t have the answers to what i want. please feel free to ask me if i have to provide with more information.

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  2. eclap

    eclap Member

    rooting takes a minute so I wouldn't exactly say it's not worth it everytime you upgrade your firmware. I just got the latest firmware and rooted, next time I update, I'll root again, no problem. your battery life looks good mate, I was chatting to a mate of mine today and he was on 15% after 6 hours on his 3gs so go figure.

    Also, I don't know if you're on vodafone, but flashing to the latest KE7 firmware gets rid of all the vodafone bloatware already. Freezing apps after rooting is optional, I did it, got rid of all the Hubs and some other stuff I'll never use... But yeah, rooting doesn't take more than putting the kettle on so I would go for it now :)
  3. Bilz

    Bilz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thank you for the quick reply.

    i live in america and had to import the phone from UK, running on atnt. the firmware and etc are what i got from opening the box.

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