Questions regarding Apps...


I currently have an Iphone4 and am ready to get a Galaxy Note. I was wondering, are all the phone apps avail for the Galaxy Note? I googled to see if only certain apps were available for the larger screen, but had no luck.

Being a big fan of iBooks, what do you guys use for your ereader? I don't mean to purchase, but to just read. (epubs)

I guess if I know all the apps are available to the Note, then I know who uses, and recommends, etc. Thanks!!!!


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there are some great free and paid apps for both audio and ebooks. I use mort reader for audio books which is excellent and Moon reader for ebooks.

whatever you want to do in this regard, there're plenty of apps for you.

Of course there will be different apps for each platform. You won't get exactly the same duplication for each, but there's enough crossover for you to not be left wanting, imho.


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I see a lot of Android apps that are ad-supported (which I don't mind) that you have to pay for on iPhone/iPod. My theory is that Apple lock you in to registering a card for payment more effectively than Google, so a lower proportion of apps are actually bought via Android phones. Developers are then forced to make their apps available free and get revenue from ads instead.

If you are concerned that your favourtie iPhone apps aren't available, you will just have to do the research. I have no shortage of apps on my Note and I have never paid for one.