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Questions Regarding The Current Root Method Available

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leavinghome, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. leavinghome

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    Hey guys, I've been googling this for a while now and haven't come across anything that can answer my question(s).

    I'm not necessarly new to rooting (rooted my Captivate and unlocked the bootloader on my N1, although the process for these were pretty simple), but when it comes to this goldcard method I'm a little hesitant. I'm comfortable doing it, just had some questions before I attempt it.

    When I hear that you have to "downgrade" the ROM, that automatically throws up a flag for me. What exactly is being "downgraded"? Am I going to lose Sense 2.0? Are there any cons to downgrading? I know there will be no sound until you do a few more steps, but is that the only downside? Also, why exactly do I have to flash a custom DHD ROM?

    Basically, I love the Inspire the way it is, I just mainly wanna root to remove bloatware as I have no intentions of flashing a new ROM to the phone anytime soon. I just wanna keep the Inspire the way it is for the most part, and would hate to lose features/Sense in the process.

    Any of you think you could shed some light on this? Thanks in advance! :D


  2. leavinghome

    leavinghome Member
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    Sorry guys, I just read the "Rooting?" post and it kinda answered my question. Not really down for flashing/installing a new ROM as of right now :(

    If anybody does read this tho, in one of the videos on YouTube that shows the process of rooting the Inspire, the guy said you get temporary root for a bit. Could I just temp root the phone to remove bloatware?

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