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Questions so far ...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Moogle, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Moogle

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    Hello people. Feel I might as well start some posts here for semi-beginner users like myself, in case others have similar questions.

    Well, I've had a play for a day or so now, and so far mostly loving the phone.

    However, some questions. So far:
    1) I assume that it's just a matter of time before the official cases/batteries are released. Though it's a little odd they don't appear on sale since the phone is already. (Or am I blind?) Is there a battery that works for this, that's good quality, that's already one sale? (I'm a spare battery person.)

    2) Simplifying it. There are so many things you can share photos (or similar) with - twitter, facebook, picasa, chatON, grouppla, dropbox, bluetooth, flipboard etc etc etc.
    Is there any way to tell it: look, I'm never going to use: ChatOn, Flipboard, S Memo, Picasa, Wi-Fi Direct for this, please stop offering it as a sharing option? Similarly - is there a way to tell the various Samsung apps I will not use, not to sync, update, or appear?

    EDIT: partial solution. I've been able to disable flipboard and chaton with no adverse side effects so far, and it's removed them from the sharing thing. However there are things I'd like to use but wouldn't want to share via, e.g. Wordpress - haven't worked out how to remove those options.
    Edit2: Can't find Picasa in the applications bit to disable it. There's PicasaUpload - but is this the same thing/the entirety of it?

    3) I've turned off system sounds to stop the boot noises - what else will this make silent?

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