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Quick Charge 4 available

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markdoc, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    After searching the net and writing to India, I finally found Quick Charge 4 chargers for our phone. I personally checked 2 that are Qualcomm certified. First the list from Qualcomm(to verify what I said):
    This is for the model from Razor (it's cheaper)
    This is for the Belkin wall charger(they also have a car version
    I purchased the Belkin model because I don't about the Razor company. I was told by my contact in India that they are a solid company. I just felt safer with Belkin. I'll let you know how it works when I get it. (It should be the end of this week)

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  2. PitCarver

    PitCarver Android Expert

    Dedicated cable?

    Might just be me, but a USB C to a USB C?

    New normal?
  3. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It makes sense, sort of. If everything used the same type of connection, no more searching for the correct cable and having to buy one for each application. I really don't think that will happen in my (our) lifetime, but you never know. And as long as they supply the cable, I'm game.
  4. PitCarver

    PitCarver Android Expert

    But a C to a C. Makes it impossible to use anything but the dedicated cable.

    Of course I say that when I'm still using a micro USB with a type C adapter on mine.
    smily im not sure about that.png
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  5. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Micro USB? What's that? Oh, wait a minute. I think I remember using a cable like that. Wasn't that popular around the same time as Android Jellybean? Lol
    I've got a draw full of those cables, but then again I still have my first smartphone. I just checked on Amazon, they sell lots of different ones. Even Wish has a few. I guess its time to upgrade again.
  6. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I found another quick charge 4 charger on Amazon. They say it is Qualcomm certified but it isn't on Qualcomm's list. There is a reviewer using it on an LG V40. It is cheaper than the rest at $20. This is information only, NOT an endorsement. Here is the info:
    Quick Charger 4.0 USB C Wall Charger,30W C-Type Power Supply Fast Charger,for Nintendo Switch, The New MacBook/Pro/iPad Pro, QC4.0 (30W)
    And the link:
  7. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I got the new Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 4. I've tried it and so far so good. While using it, the phone does not get warm and seems to charge faster. I have to drain my battery to run tests to get real numbers. I did use an app that tests the the charging amps of a charger while charging. The QC 3 charger that came with the phone averaged 530 ma. The QC 4 charger averaged 1020 ma. I think that's a good indication, but I still want to test the times myself.
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  8. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    DO NOT BUY A QUICK CHARGE 4 CHARGER! The Snapdragon chip can use QC 4 charger, unfortunately LG chose not to enable it on the LG V40. It doesn't charge any faster. It was wishful thinking at first. It took the same 1½ hours to charge from 15% to 100% no matter which charger you use. I guess the charger is putting out more juice but the phone isn't using it. So save your money. Maybe, in the update to Pie, it will be turned on. I'll let you know. What a disappointment.
  9. peacetr

    peacetr Lurker

    I thing there is a misunderstanding.
    The one you tried is qc 4
    but v40 supports qc 4+ (27w)
    Have you tried with qc 4+ charger?
    QC4+ Link
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    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  10. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    According to the Qualcomm website, the LG V40 ThinQ is certified QC 4. I trust the Qualcomm website more than Wikipedia. Here is the link:
    You have to check the asterisk. That says it is QC 4. And I haven't tried a 4+ because I don't want to throw out more money. The "+" means that besides using QC 4, the phone can also use a different protocol.(the name escapes me now)

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