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Tips Quick Circle case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kaat72, May 28, 2014.

  1. Tetelasti

    Tetelasti Newbie

    Trying to find that perfect case? You know, the one that is slick, but also realistic and allows you do get access quickly without fumbling with a cover? Well that's exactly what you get with the G3 Quick Circle case!

    I have really been enjoying this case for many reasons.

    1. Quick access to many application including: Phone calls, text messages, flash light, calendar, music, camera, time, weather and so much more! All of these things can be seen just by double tapping the circle.
    2. Games: With the new "Quick Circle Puppy Pop" game I find myself playing with my phone a lot and not even having to open the case. (Be careful, it is very addicting)
    3. Customization: You can customize the circle case to show what type of clock you want, what color you want it in, rather you want the weather to show within the clock or even the date. No more having to open the case just to see what time it is.
    4. Camera: Tired of missing that perfect shot because your case is in the way? Not with the quick circle case. Simply hold down your "Volume down" button to access your camera through the circle. That easy!

    There is so much to be said about this case! Check it out for yourself and finally have fun with the case you buy!

    Photo provided by Ratemymobile.com

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  2. chgachet

    chgachet Newbie

    Hello Tetelasti..
    I have the quick circle case, but only get 3 apps to show inside the circle..cameara, music and settings, gow do you get the phone and messages, what about the games, ...i am lost..
  3. Tetelasti

    Tetelasti Newbie

    Hi, thanks for the reply. You can get those from the play store. Puppy pop is the game, and the other is called "Quick circle apps"
  4. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Android Enthusiast

    The case is very nice, mine came free with the phone(carphone wharehouse) not sure its worth the
  5. meganoobie

    meganoobie Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm that the wireless version of the quick circle case is or is going to be available for US variants? I have Sprint, and I've heard absolutely nothing. There is a rumor that the Verizon verison works on the Sprint G3. I'm frustrated.........why wouldn't this be rolling out as quickly as they can make them?
  6. Damitu928

    Damitu928 Newbie

    I've also been on a search for this as well. Also on Sprint and got the case when I picked up the phone but, decided it was too overpriced and have
    found others much cheaper.

    Found nothing local. Even went into other carriers (except ATT)
    they use a different kind of wireless charging then the others.

    There are ones you can find on E-bay but, I just don't want to pay
    the prices they are asking and on top of that have to wait weeks
    to get the product. Sure, shipping is free. On a slow boat from China.

    The phone is new and, it will take time to get all the accessories for it.
    This was a quote from a very helpful Verizon employee that assured
    me that they are working hard to get the wireless case into stores soon.
  7. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Got the case, and installed the quick circle apps. There is a quick notifications settings, up, is there any way to get that to pop up when you receive a notification automatically, rather than having to go into the option

    What happens when I get a notification, is that the clock comes on, and I get the bleep. What I would like to be able to happen, is for the notification screen to appear, showing me what the notification is .. without having to go into that app

    Any ideas?
  8. the only one i benefit from is the stock messaging app. when i get a text it shows i got a text message and i can swipe and it will show the message.
  9. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm, was hoping that would be available throughout the whole fun :-(
  10. grdh20

    grdh20 Well-Known Member

    Careful... reports of issues with cracks near the mic especially when using the quick circle case or similar.
  11. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Only just noticed that on the quick circle, I have the weather clock face, but it doesn't seem to be updating unless I go into the weather app manually

    It used to update automatically

    Any ideas?
  12. jo69

    jo69 Android Enthusiast

    A quick question. I have just ordered the quick circle case for my lg g3.
    It is not the wireless charging one I don't think.

    Do I take the back off the phone before fitting it?

    Also what is the little square thing fitted into the back case?
  13. jo69

    jo69 Android Enthusiast

  14. jo69

    jo69 Android Enthusiast

  15. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    I believe there are 2 models. The one in the UK fits over the original back as it comes with wireless charging already. The other one replaces the back (remove) and add the wireless charging
  16. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Android Expert

  17. jo69

    jo69 Android Enthusiast

    Thanks. Have looked on YouTube but it shows both options so I don't know.
    My back has can little square thing on it. Is that the wireless changing?

    Is there any info an where about the way to put the case on? That you found.

    In the UK.
    As I have googled and nothing comes up
  18. jo69

    jo69 Android Enthusiast

  19. meganoobie

    meganoobie Well-Known Member

    If the wireless charging case, you take off the back. If not, then you don't.
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