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Quick Contacts Widget Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SecretAgentMan, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. SecretAgentMan

    Thread Starter

    The Quick Contacts widget has a "Remember this Choice" option that I set for a couple contacts and can't reverse. If your contact has several phone numbers, for example, if you check that option box and then select the home phone, for example, from then on the widget will automatically call the home phone without presenting you the list of phone numbers to pick from.

    Does anyone know how to "unselect" that option? I'd like to be able to go back to getting the list of phone numbers instead of automatically calling the one I "remembered". I've tried removing the contact and then adding it again without success.



  2. TyrannoTaurus

    TyrannoTaurus Member

    Well, I've tried everything I could think of and couldn't get it to come back up with both numbers when I hit the Call button. You CAN, however, long-press on the other number in the Contacts section and select "Make Default" on the other number.
  3. SecretAgentMan

    Thread Starter

    I think I might have it. My contacts are on an Exchange server, but I noticed that the Quick Contacts are also in my Google contacts. I edited the Google contact by removing the "stuck" number and I'm now getting the choice back.
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  4. TyrannoTaurus

    TyrannoTaurus Member

    Aha! Nice! Just tried it out. I was focusing too much on the check mark and thinking there was some way to just un-check it. Good to know, good to know. :)

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