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Quick Poll Re. "Optimal" Screen Size

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by PsychDoc, May 28, 2011.


What Is The Optimal Smartphone Screen Size?

  1. 4.0"

    7 vote(s)
  2. 4.3"

    4 vote(s)
  3. I hate smartphones and I want my Razr back (lol)

    1 vote(s)
  1. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    While I know there is no absolute right or wrong answer here I was wondering what most of you think. I think we can all pretty much agree that 3.5" or 3.7" screens are too small.

    The real heat is in the 4.0" vs. 4.3" debate.

    I find 4.3" phones to be too physically large for daily handheld use. For me, 4.0" is the sweet spot.

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  2. dfgged

    dfgged Member

    I find both too big, but I'm 14 :p
    I prefer 3.7"
  3. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Android Expert

    I really can't vote on this. I think the 4.0" is the best size, but I prefer the 4.3" on a personal level. I'd carry something larger like a 4.5" or even a 5". I'd even carry a 10" or 7" Tablet around if I could make calls and texts messages on it. Anyway... that's my two cents.
  4. thedosbox

    thedosbox Guest

    Given that your "beloved" iphone4 does fine with a sub 4" screen, I'd argue that statement only applies to geeks drooling over hardware specs.
  5. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I guess reading is not your long suit. I said earlier that I am NOT an Apple fanboy and that I'm a long time user of Android (which I love). That, however, doesn't preclude my ability to objectively take not of the fact that their screen resolution and overall clarity kicks the shit out of most of ours. So my question was and is 'why can't an Android manufacturer market a worthy competitor to the 326 ppi retina display.'

    It's called "objectivity."

    Look it up.
  6. thedosbox

    thedosbox Guest

    I'm guessing English is not your strong suit. Use of quotes is a common indicator of "sarcasm".

    Regardless, the vast majority of smartphone owners are apparently fine with a sub 4" screen.
  7. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    I prefer 4.0". I've had 4.3" and it's a tad too large.
  8. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Android Expert

    the funny things people say when discussing screen sizes

    I *like* my 3.5" WVGA screen, but would prefer 3.7" WVGA

    I would like a 4.0" qHD screen for texting tho, but none out there
  9. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    Whatever fits in my pocket (I guess 4" then).
  10. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    I can't vote, because the pollster doomed the poll by making an assumption about what we would all agree on. I find my OG Droid with its 3.7" screen to be the best size for me. A 4" screen might be okay, but a 4.3" screen (or larger) is too big for me - and I can't imagine being comfortable with either in my pocket (not that my Droid is in my pocket either).
  11. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    This thread topic looks this way to me:

    What's your fav color?
    [ ] red
    [ ] blue

    We can all agree that the other colors in the visible spectrum suck, so the real debate is between red and blue.

    moving on.... /thread
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