Quick prepaid question!

Hi all, I am currently with tmobile and I got behind on my bill. Is it possible to unlock my sg3 and use a prepaid service like boost or will I have to pay tmobile 1st? I don't even use my phone that much and I had a plan that was $108 a month... True unlimited phone/text/web (grandfather plan for last year)

What are my options? Thanks in advance.


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No you need to buy a boost or VM phone for it to work on either boost or VM. I think you can go to cricket but not sure. You will need to pay off tmobile first so that you will have a clean ESN.


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I don't know about unlocking but I do know you that even if you did you can't use that model on Boost because it's GSM while Boost is CDMA.


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As far as I'm aware you'll need to pay off your debt to T-Mobile before they'll unlock your phone. After that, if you're a low voice/text/data user you can save a lot by switching to an indie MVNO and avoid getting locked in by those 2 yr contracts. As already mentioned, you can rule out moving to Boost, it works off the Sprint network. For the most part AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM while Verizon and Sprint use CDMA.

Here's a list of MVNOs, you might want to look into the ones that work off of T-Mobile or maybe AT&T. Even though the four big telecoms work in collusion to screw the American consumer, they still maintain their own very separate services so switching your phone to another service will require some extensive homework on your part.