Help quick question for anyone

I'm having trouble accessing the files on my SD card from within my phone. I know how to do it from a computer via mounting etc but I need to run a file I've just placed onto the card and can't seem to locate it and it would be a lot easier to do so if I knew where to go to see all my files if that is even possible. cheers and if you can answer it I appreciate it!


I am from India.
And I am able to access only BSNL network(one of the mobile network in India). In whichsoever sim slot I insert.
Unable to access and other network. For all other networks, it shows network sign for initial stage only, and just within few minutes, its not showing any network. And also in this beginning stage when it shows network, when I tries to access that network, for e.g. making calls or even if I call from other phone on that number, it says, that phone is switch off. So, technically speaking its not ready, to use.

> And then I tried using 2 SIM CARDS both BSNL network on 2 different slots, and still able to access only 1, in whichever slot i insert it.

> Also one more problem : If at any time network goes, then unable to get back network, what I have to do is, insert that sim card in other phone and after around 1minute or so, insert in this tablet again, and start tablet, then only I am getting network.

Please if anyone is having solution for this, please please do let me know.

Thanks in advance.