Quick question regarding corporate discount + $10 fee


Basically, this will be the setup for our family plan when we switch to sprint at the end of the month:

Everything Family Data package w/ 4 lines

Two of them will be an Evo.

I will be eligible for a corporate discount of15%. Will the 15% be applied to the cost on the bill AFTER the $20 is added (aka will it be 15% off of $189.99) or before (15% taken off of $169.99 and then $20 will be tacked on to that).

Also, how many bills should I expect before I start seeing the discount applied to the bill?

avacomputers I hope you are correct, but I just wanted to chime in with a different experience.
I work for a hospital and checked our EVP site. For us, the discount only applies to the "plan" and not the $10 additional Evo cost. Things could be different once the bill actually arrives.

For what it's worth, I decided to order through Radio Shack and have the discount applied once I have the phone.
It's a minor difference (62.39 vs. 64.59), but I'm one of the anti-$10 people, so a small victory helps, haha.


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I would think it'd be applied after the fee, since it'll be a part of your recurring bill and because it's for an "added" service really, but not sure how Sprint will impliment it. Very valid question and my guess would be after, just like any added service (e.g. total equipment protection).


I just upgraded from a F&F plan with unlimited data to a EDP and had my corporate discount applied. The email I received from Ecare says
"Please note that this discount applies to all of your monthly charges
except Total Equipment Protection of $7.00."

Maybe they're not taking the "Evo fee" into account yet? It also says that the discount will be applied after 1-2 billing cycles.
Clear a few things up.

The employee discounts NEVER apply to taxes and surcharges. The discount is always taken off from the MRC itself and then taxes are added thereafter.

Also, the $10 'Premium Data add-on' will NOT be subject to your discount. The discount will be applied to your base plan (in the case of the OP, $169.99), then the $10 per line will be added on top.