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Feb 19, 2010
Does anyone actually have this phone? I'm very curious what your impressions are. I have a friend who swears by OnePlus quality and pricing. Thank you in advance!

I have this phone and HATE it! It's extremely buggy. Late notifications or no notifications at all, missing emails, my system settings keep changing such as dark mode seems to have a mind of its own and turns on whenever it feels like it. Microsoft apps aren't syncing together like Outlook and OneDrive. Constant network errors both with Wi-Fi and data. And the list goes on and on. Prior to me purchasing this phone I had the OnePlus 7 pro. LOVED IT!!! I don't know what happened between the time the 7 pro was released and the 9 pro launched but something quirky occurred because it all went to the crapper. I'm fixing to get rid of this phone that I just purchased 2 months ago and either go back to my 7 pro or go Apple.
A late reply, but I really like mine. Every phone has a few issues, but the 9 Pro is fast, had a great screen, feels good in my hand, the fingerprint reader and mute switch are very handy, and it has an almost pure Android experience. I only have two problems with it. Every few months or so the camera won't load. Restarting the phone fixes it. However, on every restart, the fingerprint reader won't work for about 15 hours. After that, it's fine. The reader passes all diagnostics when it isn't "working," so it's likely a software issue. If I had to do it over, I'd get the 9 Pro again.
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