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Quick questions about the Incredible S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by moomyo94, May 15, 2011.

  1. moomyo94

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    Hi, I'm a bit confused as to whether to get this phone or an Apple iPhone 4. The main reason I'm looking at these smart phones because I have an iPod touch 8gb and i want to upgrade to a 32gb and combine my phone also so i dont have to carry 2 devices around. i was originally set on gettng an iphone but after looking at the HTC I like that ALOT more. I jsut have a few questions about it. Now, without any Android fanboys answering me, can someone please help me? :)
    1) Is the music playback quality and is the original music player software as good as the iPhone's iPod function?
    2) If i have a 32gb micro sd card, because the phone is readng straight from the card will it lag opening up my songs section? (I'm gooing to have about 30gb of music files)
    3) honestly, if I'm looking for mainly a music player, should I jsut go for the iPhone?

    Yes, I'm a noob xD

    thanks :D

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  2. Noob or not, I went through the exact same dilemma as you. I have an itouch 1st gen 8gb that the headphone jack no longer works with. Logical solution, get an iphone! I went with the incredible S and love it.
    My mom has an iphone 4 and after playing with my incredble s, I dont like the iphones music setup; mind you, its a little bit simpler the the incredible S. With an iphone, you have a bit more customization when it comes to play back; however, if you are a fan of coverflow (which I am not), the incredible S has it when you tilt it.

    Playback wise, if you like playing your music out loud, between the two, I prefer incredible S. There is a sound enhancer option that enable a little bit better playback, although the volume isn't as loud. (it can be turned off). Headphone playback, if you ask me....AMAZING! With the sound enhancer on, the bass is superb and quality is amazing. Great thing is you can upload your music to the memory card straight from itunes, so you get the itunes quality. Nothing is lacking. Im sure you know, the sound enhancer enabled will also drain your battery quicker. Although, even without it, its still pretty good quality.

    As for the SD card loading capabilities, Im not overly sure. I only have a few gb on right now as I havent gone out to get a bigger card! From what I see, no lag at all. the only thing, HTC like to load a bunch of crap on the sd card. this being said, out of an 8gb card, i got about 2 gb. I haven't gone in and deleted all the excess crap yet to get more space!

    On to your music-first question. I think its a toss up; however Apple will always win when it comes to music playback. I personally love the incredible S due to its customization ability, and I wasn't looking for a music-first phone. Im not sure how much the incredible s is going for in your area, but I got it for 49.95 on a three year plan. Liked it much better then the 149 for an iphone.

    I wouldnt consider myself an Android Fan boy either as it hasn't completely won me over!

    Happy deciding!

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