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Quick questions before purchasing - Verizon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redrider4life1, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. redrider4life1

    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    I am coming from an old beat up Galaxy Nexus, I was trying to hold out until 1Q of next year, but when they say 1Q 2014 usually you can't get your hands on it for at least another month or two. I was trying to decide between the moto x and G2, but when I saw the G2 screen and size I like it significantly better.

    My main concern was at the store, while fiddling with the G2 it seemed very slow and un-responsive which may have been due to all the crap that people download and have running on the phone, but it still got me a little scared because the moto x was smooth as butter and I'm sure has the same issues.

    Is this something I should be concerned about?

    Also, does anyone root their phone, I heard it gets rid of the multi screen function, but is that even useful on a phone with such a small screen. For a tablet I can see the benefits, but a phone not so much.



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  2. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    I received my phone just before Thanksgiving. I'm on VZW, and the G2 is VERY VERY responsive. Yes, the screens transition like butter on my phone. The one I tried in the store I went into prior to my purchase (I purchased through Amazon) was also very responsive.

    Maybe there is bloatware running and/or maybe there is other stuff running for security or demonstration purposes...

    One thing you could do is ask a rep to reboot the phone or try power-cycling it yourself. You could also go into Menu | Settings | Manage Apps and issue STOP to all the apps that are running you wouldn't be running yourself.
  3. jkz

    jkz Lurker

    My guess is, either there was something wrong with that phone, or more than likely, Verizon had some crap demo software on it along with a lot of other junk that was slowing it down.

    I've had my G2 since mid September and it is still just as fast as the day I got it. It flys! I came from the G Nex too, and it is a huge improvement. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you go with the G2.
  4. redrider4life1

    Thread Starter

    Well I bit the bullet, got the G2 from best buy for 99.99, waiting for it to activate now so I can start using this baby. I really don't want a case, but I feel I may have to finally make the move.

    It's been trying to activate for over 15 mins and nothing, anything else I can do?
  5. redrider4life1

    Thread Starter

    Got Verizon to do it manually, thanks guys.
  6. jkz

    jkz Lurker

    So, are you happy with it so far? I assume it's much smoother and faster than the one you played with in the store?
  7. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    As far as rooting is concerned, you can root and not change a thing; you won't lose multi-window. I'm rooting and running a stock KitKat ROM so it looks and functions much like a Nexus 5. Yep, I don't have multi-window, but there is a way to enable it from the LG G Flex, I just haven't done it yet. (Also, that way it's far more impressive as you can use multi-window with nearly every app)
  8. redrider4life1

    Thread Starter

    Yeah I love it, I haven't even charged it yet although that is my problem right now. I have all these old chargers and when I plug them in it tells me I can only use the LG charger to charge it. Is this true or do I have to disable something so I can charge with any USB charger?

    Besides that it is amazing, the screen is probably the best I've used on a smartphone, butter smooth, the tapping function is great, no buttons on the face of the device, trying to re-organize all my folders is a pain though.
  9. garywojdan81

    garywojdan81 Newbie

    I saw the same,thing at the local Verizon store when I was checking out the note3. Then I checked the uptime of the g2 and saw that it hadn't been rebooted in 3wks.
    After a reboot, it was flying.

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  10. Ed5275

    Ed5275 Well-Known Member

    The charger has to be a high enough current to work with the G2. My GNex charger works but it will not fast charge it. My car charger didn't work at all.
  11. legalkill

    legalkill Android Enthusiast

    I have a 1 ah charger in my car and my wife's G2 does think its slow (with accompanying message). It comes with a 1.5 ah charger. You would probably do well to buy 2 ah output chargers at least.

    Considering its a 3000 mah battery a 1 ah charger of course will take 3 hours to charge it.

    Definitely do not try to charge from a computer usb port. Usually at best you get 100-200 mah output on usb 2.0 I think you get almost 1 ah on 3.0.
  12. redrider4life1

    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I am going to run home for lunch to get the charger that came with it, I have it in the USB in my work computer and it hasn't moved 1% in over 2 hours.

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