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General Quick Review of all 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mlc331, May 10, 2010.

  1. mlc331

    mlc331 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 21, 2009
    My android experience started in December of last year. However this story begins much earlier.

    I had been a Verizon customer for about 6 years. Had my share of regular phones... some good, and some bad. Around May of last year I decided to venture out and get an iphone. Got the 3GS and was off to the races. Up until then I had a blackberry for work and loved it. However the BB wasn't very non-work-user Friendly. The iphone was sick! I loved it. Some much so that I got my wife one as well. I left my family on Verizon and my wife and I used our iphones on AT&T. The frustration started to set in. We lasted about 5 months with AT&T. I actually paid to get out and go back with the rest of my family on Verizon. When I came back to Verizon, I got my standard Blackberry Curve. About a week later the Moto Droid popped up. I was fine with some of the things on the blackberry, but the internet/fun factor was TERRIBLE!. I decided to go to the Droid. It was the first thing since the iphone that was at least close to the iphone. I loved the droid, but it was a very steril environment... The phones physical structure was big and bulky, yet it was capable. I used that phone for about 2 months and then one of my employees came in with an Eris. The Eris was unique and seemingly just as capable as the Moto Droid. This strange thing called the "Sense UI" was interesting, fun and very simple. Of course I had to go get the Eris and I used it for a while. I loved the phone, but it was slow at times and seemingly glitchy. The glitches were more of a game of catch-up. Simple things like texting, the screen would lag and the typing would lag. Then there was the issue of not having NAV, the speaker wasn't great and YOUTUBE Never worked properly. I sold my Moto Droid and was perpared to ship. The buyer never paid... So... I decided to give the Moto Droid another try. I actually like it better than the Eris as it seemed faster, less glitchy and everything worked. Still HATED the slide out key board (Useless :rolleyes:), and the phone was just not comfortable in my hand. Also, I really liked the Sense UI which the Moto Droid didn't have.

    Jump to a week before the Incredible's launch... my physical therapist said that his was on it's way. I had no idea what it was, so the research started. Wow, if it was half as good as the specs would suggest..... WINNER-WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!. I pre-ordered my Incredible the next day, and BAMM!!!! I got it a couple weeks ago on the day it was released. SUPER FAST, SUPER COMFORTABLE, and SUPER CAPABLE. Everything works! The 2.1 works flawlessly under SENSE UI and NOTHING lags. I like the feel of the phone, and the way it looks. I've had NO issues with the phone, however I would like my battery to last longer. I've ordered the 1750 so I hope that helps.

    When I went to the Eris, I got one for my wife. I used her phone this last weekend and couldn't believe what I was feeling.... The Eris felt as if it was 5 year old technology. The laggy processing was terrible, the feel was too small and 1.5 was extremely long in the tooth. Stuff still doesn't work on the phone, but my wife is happy.... for now :eek:

    Thanks HTC.... for building a smart phone that works. The Incredible has been supported (at least for now). It is fun to look at as well as use. If/when the iphone comes to Verizon, I will not be going back. Our family is a Mac family and I still wouldn't trade this phone. It's that good and that ahead of the iphone.

    Thanks for listing.... ;)


  2. mrjinglesusa

    mrjinglesusa Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2010
    I agree completely with this sentiment. :D Still use a 27" iMac as my main computer and own an iPad. I for one don't care if/when the iPhone comes to Verizon. I'm an Android/HTC fan now.

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