Qwerty Androids


May 20, 2010
I have an upgrade coming and want to replace my Blackberry Bold 9000 with another high end device (qwerty only). Short term options seem to be new Blackerry Bold 9800 slider, and maybe 1 or two of the yet to be announced android offerings. Based on what I've seen, most of the droids destined for AT&T with qwerty's seem to be mid-range, look cheesy, have landscape keyboards that seem way too big for the device (waste of space that could be used to hold bigger battery/etc), and screens that aren't as big as they could be. I really want to jump on the droid bandwagon, as I feel RIM has shown little desire to innovate or drastically improve their 'non-business' features.

Anybody speculate or know of any high-end qwerty droids (froyo compatible), that may be landing at AT&T? Or will I be stuck with the Bold slider for another year or so till droid hw options improve?

You want a portrait qwerty on Android?
Yeah. BB Bold keyboard size is fine. Anything much bigger on a smartphone is a waste of space. Or I'll take a landscape one...that's not so huge and the extra space is used for say...a bigger battery.
As t-readyroc said you're kinda SoL when it comes to Android portrait QWERTY. However you can always try the Palm Pre, it has a portrait QWERTY and is powerful. If you're dead set on android your only choice at this point is the Backflip which isn't a high end device and is more targeted to social network users.