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R2BA020 is out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kamm, May 29, 2010.

  1. kamm

    kamm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    FWIW it's faster, more responsive and includes CreaTouch.

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  2. xX MEDO Xx

    xX MEDO Xx Lurker

    Too bad i cant update my own
    im still on the R1FA014:(:(:(
    and the Update Service say (its up to date)
    because i live in KSA.
  3. N3maN

    N3maN Newbie

    Is there anyway to force this update to the phone?
  4. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Still not available in the UK :(
  5. extreme22

    extreme22 Lurker

    i wonder who has access to this update, hopefully this would be posted soon,
    to download
  6. dreamstrader

    dreamstrader Lurker

    yah pls let us knw how we can update .. i m using old one from UK version
  7. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    are you sure its out cause r2bao16 just came out in china and i doudt 20 is out already. Also there is nothing on esato.com and they usually get info first on when updates are out. not calling you a liar but i want to see proof its out.
  8. andyd

    andyd Lurker

    What region has this been released in? Also what's the baseband of the update? any chance of a screenshot?
  9. Hunted

    Hunted Well-Known Member

    Im with you dude poxy thing will not update cause the networks branded the crap out of the phone.. only way to update until your carrier decides that you are worthy is to debrand and potentially make an expensive paperweight... if i have to wait for 2.1 after others have it because of vodafone im gonna throw the thing through there front window
  10. ratheen

    ratheen Lurker

    which location has this update? how can i download this update?

    can you upload the files?
  11. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    I always get an Network Error.

    Even though my network is fine.

    Might there be a webpage about the update somewhere, with a list of "fixes" or what's new in the update?
  12. junooni

    junooni Newbie

    hey anyone with a screen shot??
  13. Member141545

    Member141545 Guest

    how to get that rom..,
  14. stocker

    stocker Member

    My baseband version says R1FA002. Can't update, keeps saying I have the most recent version. Weird.
  15. frankbonatelli

    frankbonatelli Well-Known Member

    Nice that you have been able to update to this version. Any chance we can get a link to the firmware update. De branded phone owners would be able to use if they had access to the latest firmware. Can you share your link knowledge on this please.
  16. nick16934

    nick16934 Lurker

    Newest one I can find on davinci is r1fa016...
  17. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    I've got R1FA016 and it says it's up to date :(
  18. gaz23g

    gaz23g Newbie

    this one is supposed to be out on Telenor (swedish) not checked yet though!
  19. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    I've got Telenor, but it still says up to date.
  20. gaz23g

    gaz23g Newbie

    Further to my earlier post latest news from checking around is this has been released to the networks (so those on branded will prob have to wait a month or so for it to be cleared and messed with!!) but it should be availabe to generic from this weekend i'll try to keep you posted as i find out (thanks to andyd777 for info)

    @ omnicorp this could be why it says you still up to date because telenor are still playing with it and it's not cleared yet!
    OmniCoRp likes this.
  21. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    Oh i see...

    Thank you :)
  22. gaz23g

    gaz23g Newbie

    here's some info on it for now

    Menu Orientation
    Backup & Restore Menu
    Camera is much quicker
    Google Mail Icon has Changed
    Touch Screen is more responsive
    Apps Market is different, It could because the Telenor Branding
    Caller Volume is louder, but not as loud as my Nokia 6300
    Telenor Branding has a few applications installed as default
    No APN Installer Like Generic Firmware
    Screen seems cleaner
    Handset seems quicker
    Power Off Menu is smaller
    Much Quicker to boot
    Pin Screen is different
    Widgets Menu is now smooth Scrolling
    Fancy Widgets seems to be working better now
    Loads more free RAM
    App draw is now super speedy
    App draw is now super speedy
    Screen awakes instantly from sleep
    Lock screen seem more accurate
    Timescape has been improved
    Timescape has no lag once loaded
    Timescape Themes
    MediaScape Icons have changed
    MediaScape loads much quicker
    MediaScape Volume Increased
    MediaScape Volume Level Icon Changed

    Again many thanks to Andyd777 for info now to find where he got it from :)

    @ omnicorp apparently this is flashed from telenor so you should be able to get it?
  23. werthers

    werthers Android Enthusiast

    any news on if it improves battery life? I know its quite early so might not be able to tell
  24. kersey

    kersey Well-Known Member

    Have read over at Esato that the UK update should be available Friday / Saturday.

    Hmm, hard choice now whether to wait for the root procedure over at XDA or to update to the latest software with the possiblility of the X10 not being rootable after update :thinking:.

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