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r800x with page+ ???'s

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stoloy, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Stoloy

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    To my knowledge it should work flawlessly with pageplus. Would like to be sure about that but thats not why I made this post its VCAST.

    I plan on buying a r800x and use page+ with it. Was about to order one after I was done watching the last review.
    When he went opened up Xperia Play app and was demonstrating how easy it was to buy/download games. It launched Vcast. I instantly said.. crap. And went googlin' on a few things.

    1 - After noticing the google play store is different then other phones. Can you still buy the games off that and totally bypass the xperia play?

    2 - If yes on 1 are all the same games there or are you losing out on some?

    3 - I am willing to root and spend a few bucks. fyi I read a post about a guy with titanium backup pro? he said he freezed vcast and when he went to launch xperia play app. it automatically changed the Vcast store to google play. Any one try this with sucess?

    4 - what is the stock android on a verizon xperia play r800x Think I found it to be 2.3.2. if so is it easy to update to 2.3.3 I plan on using superoneclick to root. Seems pretty straight forward for me lol.

    5 - I was reading that you lack apps because of vcast. I forgot where that one was. is it true if so what mainstream apps would that me? aka netflix/facebook/etc

    Main reason I am aiming toward this phone is for the game pad for emulators. And page plus uses verizon which is excellent for my area.

    Appreciate any and all replies.

    PS: have some source links but since this is my first post it is making sure I am not a spammer

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