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Radardroid US Premium Database Add-on w/ Google Navigation Compatibility

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Member282753, Feb 2, 2011.

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    [Travel, Navigation App]

    Radardroid has partnered with GPS POI US to offer you their Traffic Camera dataset for US & Canada for use in Radardroid free and Pro versions! Now you can have the benefits of the premium GPS POI US Traffic Camera dataset while using the navigation software of your choice including Google Navigation, ALK CoPilot Live or Navigon.

    The Premium data pack is compatible with both the free and Pro versions of Radardroid. Radardroid has already enjoyed more than 300,000 worldwide downloads. Radardroid Pro allows you to run the alert application in the background while you use Google Navigation, Navigon or ALK CoPilot on your smartphone, while still delivering traffic camera alerts in the background. You are free from having to use a bloated alert app while you drive.

    The database includes locations of all known speed cameras, red light cameras, illegal right-turn cameras, mobile speed detection cameras, and school zone cameras. It does not contain highly subjective locations such as "dangerous intersections" or "speed traps" like other datasets that bombard you with continuous alerts because they are in a marketing race to claim the highest number of locations.

    Here are some screenshots from the integration process with Radardroid:


    Here is the QR Code for Radardroid Free:

    Here is the QR Code for Radardroid Pro:

    Here is the QR Code for the GPS POI US Premium Data Add-in:

    The developers welcome any feedback you have on this solution.

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