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Radiant: Great and fun retro style game on android.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nikolatesla20, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Dec 3, 2009

    Dec 3, 2009
    Radiant is a great retro-style action shooter.
    I downloaded it to my Droid while my wife was shopping and it easily kept me busy until she picked the shoes she wanted :).


    Anyway, let's round down the basic features:


    1. It has a great storyline.
    Basically little popups the come up after each stage that tell a little more of the story bit by bit, with some humor thrown in for good measure. Some commentators have ridiculed the story, but personally I found it enjoyable. It kept you wanting to play to see what would come next.


    2. The controls are simple and IMO fun to use.
    The ship continously shoots on its own, and you press the screen anywhere to the left of the ship to move it left, and anywhere to the right of the ship to move it right. The basic control scheme allows the app to function on pretty much any android device out there without problems. Once again some people have commented that they would prefer a "shoot" button but I thought the auto shoot was a nice challenge. It makes you strategize a bit more when you have to plan on how to move while shooting that large asteroid headed your way.


    As you progress in the game you can gain powerups using "cash" to upgrade your weapons, which you most definitely need to face the bosses effectively. I found the first boss to actually be pretty difficult, but I was still an noob and a bit distracted so I'm probably not the best judge on that :)

    You can hold multiple weapons although you can only use one at at time. The method to switch weapons however is pretty simple - you touch the ship and then swipe over the weapon that appears in an arc over the top of the ship. The "buttons" with the weapons are a bit small though, so in the heat of battle it can be tough sometimes to get the weapon you want quickly.


    Radiant also has a free version, which I played to start with (for users in the U.S., to buy Radiant since it's in UK currency, you may have to contact your credit card issuer to allow overseas payments in order to purchase it), as I said, while I was in the mall shopping with my wife. I'd also like to mention the great soundtrack and sound effects. To me this app looks great and sounds great. Everything in the game has a slight glow to it which makes it nice to watch.

    There are though, a few small problems with the game: The glow around everything does distract you sometimes (making it hard to see enemies bullets coming toward you for example) and the ship's moving side to side seems a bit slow for an action game at times. However, you may be able to upgrade your movement, I'm not sure about that part yet.

    Also for later level difficulties some users have complained that the asteroids fill the entire screen making it hard to complete the level. Unfortunately I can't verify that since before I got there my wife came out of the shoe store, but I'm sure the developer will respond to user comments and ajust the game accordingly. A few commentators have also stated that the game does not support save states when you exit, so you basically have to start over the next time you play.

    Demo Video
    Catch a youtube demo video:


    All in all this is a great game on the android platform and has a nice retro feel to it, and is fun to play. Definitely worth trying out.



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