Root RADIO- for BravoC Desire for download?

I am trying to run the to reset the security flag to ON. It is a CDMA (BravoC) Desire. I ran the RUU for US Cellular going from RADIO- to RADIO- Now, when I run the it tells me I have an invalid radio version. Does anyone have the old version for download?



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I used the Alltel Android 2.1 RUU to downgrade the radio. S-ON still did not work. Looks like the patch does not work for CDMA Desire.


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Does someone have the for the old radio? I have an Alltel desire that I need to downgrade the radio to! Please if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am getting desperate as the RUU won't work on my device.


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I can tell you how to get

Shipped ROMs

Download that RUU, run it (not connecting your device) and go to


Type "%temp%" and press ok. You're looking for a folder with a Hexidecimal name (0-9 and A-F) that is created latest (i.e. just now).

Open the folder, open the folder in there too. There is

Rename that to and remove System.img, boot.img, userdata.img, recovery.img and hboot.img. Not sure what everything else is...

Then if you can find another RUU maybe with your radio in it, you can repeat this proceedure.