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Radio Shack DX-398 Worldband Shortwave Receiver

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by andyo70, Feb 10, 2011.

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    (Copy and paste link): cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250771449371

    Radio Shack DX-398 Worldband Shortwave Receiver

    Features include:

    Digital Synthesized Radio - ensures accurate, stable tuning.

    Large, Fast-Response Display - shows the time, band and frequency, signal strength, and other indicators.

    212 Preprogrammed Shortwave - lets you rapidly tune to the most popular U.S. and international shortwave stations.

    Three Timer Alarms - lets you set the buzzer to sound or the radio to turn on daily at up to three specified times.

    Record Line Out and Standby Jacks - lets you connect a tape recorder so you can record broadcasts live or at a preset time.

    Dual Time - includes a primary and a secondary clock, so you can set one to your local time and the other to UTC or to the local
    Time of a city in another time zone.

    World Time Zone - provides the correct time for 42 cities worldwide, once you set your local time.

    Search Tuning - scans up or down the band for the next station.

    Memory Tuning - stores up to 306 frequencies so you can quickly select your favorite stations.

    Priority Button - lets you quickly store and recall your favorite station.

    Auto Tuning System (ATS) - the receiver finds the stations with strong signals and stores them in memory in order by signal strength.

    Rotary Tuning Dial - lets you manually tune desired frequencies.
    You can select a higher tuning increment for faster tuning or a lower one for fine tuning, or lock the dial to prevent
    accidentally changing the tuned frequency.

    Memory Lock - prevents accidental setting changes.

    Control Lock - prevents accidental setting changes.

    Sleep Timer - lets you see the receiver so it turns it-self off after a length of time you set, so you can fall asleep as you listen to it.

    MW Step Setting - lets you easily change the frequency step setting to match the MW (AM) broadcast frequency step used by many other countries.

    RF Gain Control - lets you adjust the receiver's sensitivity when you listen to SW/LW/MW broadcasts, to provide the best possible reception.

    Narrow/Wide Control - lets you reduce interference from adjacent stations when you listen to SW, MW, (AM), and LW broadcasts.

    Page Memory Location - lets you store and select frequencies in storage locations called pages.
    You can store and select up to nine MW/FM frequencies in two pages, nine LW frequencies in one page, and 261 SW frequencies in 29 pages.

    Edit - lets you create and edit station names for FM/MW/LW bands, page names for SW bands,
    and home/world city names for easy identification.

    Tone Control - lets you adjust the tone setting for different types of broadcasts such as news, music, and so on.

    Battery Power/Signal Strength Indicator - displays the battery's power and strength of the received signal.

    Memo Label - lets you record helpful information such as the memory location numbers of your favorite stations.

    Three Power Options - let you power the receiver from internal batteries, standard AC power (with an optional AC adapter),
    or your vehicle's battery (with an optional DC cigarette lighter adapter).

    You're bidding on a used Radio Shack DX-398 Worldband Shortwave Receiver

    I've had this radio since it was first introduced by Radio Shack in 1996.

    Radio is in very good condition with just a few dings here and there. Performance is excellent.

    This radio is rated among the top in Shortwave receivers by radio enthusiasts.

    Adult purchased and owned.

    This auction is for the radio itself. No accessories came with it at purchase. Requires 4 AA batteries.

    I only accept PayPal payments and only ship inside the USA.

    Bid with confidence and as always, Happy Bidding! =)

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  2. andyo70

    andyo70 Android Enthusiast
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    EDIT---->Item now has a "Buy It Now" option of $60<----EDIT
  3. andyo70

    andyo70 Android Enthusiast
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