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Radio Tuner ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carnivalrejectq, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. carnivalrejectq

    Thread Starter

    Does anybody know anything about the epics radio tuner? This is the one thing missing from this phone that i really really need. Im conteplating trading my girlfreind for her evo shift just to use it. Theres a show on a clear channel station that i love and would really like to listen to while working but the iheartradio app is an absolute fail on the Epic and apparently Android as a whole. Ive done some searching around google and have come to the conclusion that the epic does have the radio tuner. Well where the hell is the app then? Why include a tuner and not a way to control it. I dont get it. And it doesent appear anybody has gotten to it via rooting or anything either. Maybe access to it will be included in the Froyo update? Or is that just wishful thinking.

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  2. princealyy

    princealyy Newbie

    I am in the same boat, I am a fan of having a radio tuner on my phone and it seems as though this has been left out.... sad... yes.... deal breaker? NO WAY!
  3. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Does Clear Channel offer the show as a live stream on their web site? I've found my fav radio station that way, but it requires Flash 10.1. Not a problem if you're on the 2.2.1 leak
  4. carnivalrejectq

    Thread Starter

    Ya they do but the prticular stream comes in slow motion and they soun like demons for some reason. Also it kills my battery way tooo quick.
  5. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

  6. carnivalrejectq

    Thread Starter

    Ya. On tune in radio I can find the station if I search for it but then it says something about it being blocked by the station. I just don't understand , if this phone does indeed have a radio tuner then why is there no app to control it and why is one not being included with the froyo update? Shit makes no sense. I am now using the shift and woould rlly like to be using my epic but I just like being able to listen tothat show. Helps work fly by. Also one more thing how come no one has any real answers on this??????? Can't a dev figure out how to get a hold of the tuner?????? I guess its not an important enough issue for ppl to care about but its really dissappointing to me.
  7. chuck95

    chuck95 Newbie

    Why do you think the epic has a radio tuner? You're talking about FM, over the air radio? I've never heard that it has that...?
  8. carnivalrejectq

    Thread Starter

    Im just goin off several google searches and articles claiming that it does as well as links to forums from google and the fact that other galaxy s phones have it. No validity though.

    Edit : 2/21

    * So i got iheartradio to work on the epic with this convinient find :


    However i started listening to the show at about 7 am and my battery was down to 4% at 10:40 .......and this is with charging the phone for 10 minutes on my 9 am break ......lol not sure if this is good or bad.......you tell me?

    I do beleive my blackberry lasted way longer streaming iheartradio.........o well i have ordered a extended battery from Gorilla Gadgets......hopefully it helps
  9. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Specs say yes..... Under Multimedia

    Samsung EPIC 4G
  10. kailuamike

    kailuamike Newbie

    I just tried TuneIn Radio today and it worked great for about an hour, and then a pop-up appeared from some sleazy site called "topusaprizes.com" telling me I had won an IPad2 or 4 or something, and I had only 60 seconds to click on the link to claim it. It looked like total BS to me, so I ignored it, and the pop-ups wouldn't stop. I finally just uninstalled TuneIn Radio to make the pop-ups go away, which they did.
  11. krcossin

    krcossin Newbie

    I don't have TuneIn Radio app, but I do have the crappy notification with a * or a +, I click on the notification and it opens the browser to topusaprizes.com with BS about winning a iPad2....
    I don't know which app might be associated with this, or how I got it. I downloaded a lot of apps within the week (warranty replaced phone)
    Anyone know how to stop the notifications?

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