Radioshack Price Confirmed (Pre-Order page up 6/5/11)


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The release can't be that far out now.

I was thinking July for a while but over the last 2 days the leaks have been coming strong so I am definetly thinking June now.

Interesting how the Shack is giving you $100 towards the Evo 3d if you trade your old Evo in. i just did a quick search on ebay and as long as your Evo is in good shape they are still going for over $150 on ebay.


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I thought it would go for at least $249.00 on contract since that is the price for the Thunderbolt. And, the htc thunderbolt doesn't have near the specs the evo has. Not that I'm disappointed the evo is less expensive, but I wonder why...


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Well I'm definitely buying the Evo 3d now. I've got an $150 upgrade in July and $60 set aside in the bank so I'm assuming I'll have $10 left over when i buy the phone at sprint :D
wow you guys in the U.S. get to buy the phone outright and without a contract for $500!? Lucky! here in the UK, buying a smart phone without contract entails prices of around


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Woah, that's a low price. Wasn't expecting the price.

Same. $199 was the price I hoped for, but was worried that given the Thunderbolt and the obnoxiously priced Charge that they'd "get greedy" and aim for $250-$300 (like a Best Buy rep told me the price would be.)

I'm almost amazed that the unactivated price is only $499. I thought that would be $599+, no question.


Wow, only $500 out of contract? That's actually not bad at all, considering the specs.

Now that I know it's $199.99, I'm getting this for sure. I've been waiting 4 years to upgrade, and I still have my crappy Instinct. :D


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Excellent - within the $150~200 sweet spot I've insisted on all along.

Trade in my Evo? Uh - no thanks, that'll be the extra mini wifi-tab I can now leave lying about. :) :)

I'll definitely hold out for a while with the deactivated Evo4G and see how much I can get out of the device with just wifi, and whether I have a legitimate/practical/dedicated use for it.
Part of the price with the thunderbolt is lte. LTE is about 3x time cost just for the radio then wimax, just for the chip.

With you add it all up, the extra 50 was just to cover the cost of adding lte to the phone.
Good question. It is, after all, from GoodAndEvo.

I especially liked this part of the article:
The URL noted at the top the ad isn't live yet, but that's where to go when it is.


It looks to be a different version of this ad:


I thought I had seen that URL before, I just had to track down the image. Personally, this new one looks more like an ad for when it is released rather than the preorder.